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Australia's northern capital city, Darwin, is a major centre for recreational fishing in Australia and home to locally-produced National Australian Fishing Annual (NAFA)

Established in 1992, NAFA is Australia’s largest and most widely distributed fishing magazine, available through newsagents, selected tackle shops and online. NAFA is a bi-annual, coming out in May and November of each year. It is a large format, full colour, gloss magazine with almost 300 pages of content per edition.

NAFA incorporates a flipover magazine called NAFA's Outdoors 4X4 Travel & Camping. NAFA is now not only a reliable and authoritative source for information on all aspects of fishing and boating, but also 4WD, travel and camping.

This quality magazine contains informative articles and first-class photography from the best writers in the country and also features the popular NAFA Good Gear Model Pictorial.


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FISHING With Alex Julius

28th Jun 18

It was chilly dry season weather on the Mary River’s inland lagoons last weekend, but that didn’t stop the dozens of competitors in the Top End Barra Series (TEBS) from chucking lures at weed banks, lily fields, stang piles and pandanus trees.
There is no other NT barra competition quite like TEBS because it is held over six different weekends... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

20th Jun 18

I don’t think any serious barra angler hasn’t at some stage yearned to go and have a crack at a Nile perch.
This massive freshwater fish is almost a spitting image of the barramundi, or at least it is before closer examination.
It grows to more than 2m and is believed to reach a whopping 200kg.
On the other hand, barramundi... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

7th Jun 18

The Cobourg Peninsula is without doubt a jewel in the Top End recreational fishery.
I’ve been fortunate enough to visit and fish it many times in a period spanning more than 30 years.
My association with the region began not long after it was declared a national park; namely, the Gurig National Park.
A mate and I opened a small fishing safari camp... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

1st Jun 18


With Alex Julius

You may have noticed that the last three or four weekends have been quite windy.
It’s a typical dry season scenario off the Top End as those high pressure systems roll through the Great Australian Bight and cause moderate-to-strong winds to blow across our coastline and inshore waters.
Good news this weekend is that a low pressure... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

24th May 18

I’m guilty as charged if sneaking three more trips to the South Alligator River before the end of the Runoff is a crime.
The first trip was on a waning spring tide a fortnight ago with a couple of mates: Phil Hall and Tim Pel.
It was too far to go downstream to the mouth looking for clear water on a day trip, and it’s just too easy to buzz... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

21st May 18

If winning Barra Classics is something you get tired of, then Shane Compain must be exhausted.
Not only did the champion angler lead his Top End Tackle World team to a bludgeoning victory over the 56 other teams that competed in this year’s Classic, but it was also his team’s sixth victory in the seven years he has been competing.
Incredibly,... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

11th May 18

It was a swishing and swoffing affair at Corroboree Billabong last weekend when 28 anglers in 14 teams vied for the trophies in the annual Territory Freshwater Fly Fishing Open.
According to Darwin Fly Rodders President, Matt Hayne, Saturday the fly fishers chucked a multitude of feathers, fluff and fur while testing their skills waving the wand in search... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

3rd May 18

“They came, they saw, they conquered”… immortal words first used to describe a crushing Roman victory at the Battle of Zela over 2000 years ago.
This week – in a much more friendly spirit of competition – an all-Queensland team came, saw and conquered the mighty Daly River in yet another exciting chapter of the Club Marine... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

26th Apr 18

The 23rd annual Club Marine Barra Nationals gets under way today on the iconic Daly River.
Hosted by the Palmerston Game Fishing Club, the venue once again will be the spacious Banyan Farm Tourist Park with hosts Wally and Kerri Draper.
Predicting how the tournament will go each year is never easy.
The vagaries of the wet season – a ripper this year... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

20th Apr 18

The Runoff continues and there has been no end of great fishing reports.
The old Silver Fox, Roger Sinclair, hit Shady Camp with Glenn Hubble (aka Harbourmaster), late last week and caught upwards of 150 barra and a bunch of threadies.
Interestingly, many of their fish were caught on the long wand – fly fishing.
“Glenn fly fished more than I... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

12th Apr 18

Last weekend was a big one for fishing on two fronts: fishing politics and fishing in action.
At the AFANT AGM on Sunday, Attorney-General Natasha Fyles announced the well-received NT Government's back down on random breathalysing boat drivers.
She explained that the Government will now follow the WA model whereby boat drivers will only be breathalysed... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

5th Apr 18

A question I’ve been asked fairly often recently is whether the runoff fishing this year has been as great as predicted.
In two words: not quite.
That’s probably because two iconic rivers didn’t fire up to their best: the Daly and the Mary.
The Daly fished well for some – including on two separate trips for me personally –... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

29th Mar 18

Last week’s Aurora Kakadu Klash on the mighty South Alligator River was once again a resounding success.
More so, it was so very different from any previous Klash I can remember.
After a big wet season, and a river still riding its banks way upstream, it was no surprise that practically all the teams fished downriver all the way to the mouth.
Brook... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

23rd Mar 18

For Darwin anglers, fishing went on hold last weekend.
Cyclone Marcus roared through, intent on blowing over every African Mahogany and undernourished native tree from the CBD to the northern suburbs to the outer rural area.
As if not having power for several days for some households hasn’t been bad enough, bloody Marcus delivered just a piddling... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

16th Mar 18

It’s hard to believe that the Top End Barra Series (TEBS) has been around for eight years.
This great event is held over weekends six times a year at different locations each time.
The first event is always held at Shady Camp with competitors able to fish from Marsh Creek to the Wildman River and places in between.
That first event in the series was... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

9th Mar 18


With Alex Julius

If you’re into your barra fishing, then you probably hit one or other big river over the last week.
I’ve heard reports from every river this side of Arnhem Land and then down the west coast all the way to the Victoria River.
The best information I have is from the Daly River where I spent two great days late last week.... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

2nd Mar 18

All you can say about how the fishing went last weekend and since is that it was a very mixed bag indeed.
Every accessible big river was slammed by dozens and dozens of boats.
I checked out Shady Camp on Saturday and was surprised that there were hardly 50 rigs in the car-parks.
That’s probably because of all the publicity about bogged 4WDs at the... (more)

35th Anniversary Fishing With Alex Julius

23rd Feb 18

It’s an old cliché, but I can’t believe I’m sitting here now, writing about three and a half decades of contributing this fishing column, when I can still remember clearly typing the very first one in February 1983.
I suppose, when you reflect on how the Territory recreational fishing scene has evolved since the early 1980s, it... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

16th Feb 18


With Alex Julius

I can remember a time when hardly anyone went barra fishing until the wet season was over, the skies were blue and the rivers were dropping fast.
Back then, that time was called post-wet-season fishing, but has since become known as The Runoff.
How different is it nowadays when anglers are out chasing some runoff fishing practically... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

9th Feb 18

With more heavy rain forecast across the Top End, the odds of the Arnhem Highway reopening by the weekend is problematic to say the least.
According to the Bureau of Metreology, the monsoonal trough is pushing back north and
storms may bring heavy rainfall to some locations.
If the Arnhem Highway at Scotts Creek is one of those locations, you can forget... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

5th Feb 18

There’s nothing like a good wet season to stimulate conversation amongst anglers, so you can imagine the banter going on at the moment following the wettest January rainfall across the Top End since 1904.
I was at an all-blokes luncheon on Thursday at the Cav and for a while there everyone was talking about various flood events they’d heard... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

28th Jan 18

It’s now a no brainer that we will have a good wet season and great Runoff fishing.
This monsoon we have been experiencing is widespread and relentless; it has been dropping millions and millions of litres of water across the Top End.
Luckily, there hasn’t been a sneaky low to the west or the east which would have sucked this monsoon away like... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

21st Jan 18

Not before time, we’re starting to get more serious rainfall.
According to Angline Prasad from the Bureau of Metreology, a weak monsoon has moved onto the north coast, mainly central north coast and across to the east.
However, as it drops down over the Top End, it is likely to extend to the west coast.
“It’s not very strong, not an active... (more)

Alex's Fishing Report

15th Jan 18

You’d have to say that that was a Clayton’s monsoon that we just experienced.
It put a bit of rain about the place, raising the Daly River to a bit over 5m, but not really achieving what we want for the first monsoon of the year.
What’s with Broome anyway?
It never gets so much rain so early in the wet season; and now not one but two cyclones... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

7th Jan 18

As forecast last week, the run up to New Year and just after was all about calm days on the water without any serious, widespread rainfall.
Unfortunately, now it even it looks like we are going to get a late start to the northern wet season.
This is despite Cyclone Hilda giving Broome and places nearby a thorough drenching a few days after Christmas.
There’s... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

2nd Jan 18

I spent Christmas with friends in Broome WA, and I left them last Wednesday afternoon to enjoy a good start to their wet season.
It was such a good start that I was lucky to get out; that’s because a cyclone formed practically over the top of Broome.
It was just a tad to the north, descending on the famous pearling town just as my plane took off,... (more)

Alex's Fishing Report

24th Dec 17

The Roper River has always been a major Top End river that has somehow escaped my serious attention.
In terms of iconic barra waterways that do not require a permit to visit, I can’t think of any other big river that I haven’t gotten to know somewhere between “quite well” and the proverbial “like the back of my hand”.... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

17th Dec 17

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Seven Spirit Bay Wilderness Lodge several times since its development in 1990.
Back then, it was a grandiose tourist venture, established by my good mate, Lex Silvester, on the western side of Port Essington in the now-called Garig Gunak Barlu National Park on the Cobourg Peninsula.
Although sportfishing was an... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

10th Dec 17

Recently, I saw an amazing post on the great new Facebook page Darwin Women Hunting and Fishing.
It was from keen fisho, Zerena Di-Prima, who was lucky to survive a recent outing to Leeders Creek, and Zerena was happy for me to tell the story in this column.
On the day, Zerena and her husband Allan had already caught a legal barra and a mangrove jack in... (more)

Alex's Fishing Report

3rd Dec 17

Sometimes your fishing expectations are exceeded big time.
That was certainly the case for me last Tuesday morning on a brief but well-executed mission to catch some quality reef fish practically under the Darwin skyline.
I’d organised a trip with old mate Steve Compain aboard the 14 metre Wai Adi, one of a fleet of fishing tour boats in the Arafura... (more)

Alex's Fishing Report 25 2017

27th Nov 17

Last week, I was on a bit of an assignment, covering a day’s heli-fishing with the company called that very name: Helifish.
It involved quite a few anglers, travelling south-west from Darwin in not one, not two, but three helicopters.
As we crossed over the Daly River mouth and flew past the red cliffs of Anson Bay, I was reminded of that great Vietnam... (more)

Alex's Fishing Report 18 November 2017

18th Nov 17

If you’re up to date with the Darwin barra fishing scene, you might be wondering whether you should be targeting a big fish or a Million Dollar Fish, because both are readily available right now.
As far as the money barra are concerned, it seems two more were caught in quick succession last week.
The first came from Manton Dam and was caught by Michael... (more)

Alex's Fishing Report 11 November 2017

11th Nov 17

The neap tides this weekend offer some interesting estuary barra fishing options.
Today is a three-tide day and, if you’re reading the paper nice and early, and your boat and tackle are ready to go, there’s still time to hit one or other of a couple of spots that just might produce.
Firstly, a launch at Buffalo Creek around 8.30 this morning... (more)

Alex's Fishing Report 4 November 2017

4th Nov 17

There were close on 100 nice barra caught in last weekend’s final round of the Top End Barra Series (TEBS) held on and around the lower Adelaide River estuary system.
This is a great area to fish during the build-up on neap tides, and always offers the chance of a bigger barra.
According to TEBS co-ordinator, Ross Abraham, there was concern that... (more)

Alex's Fishing Report 28 October 2017

28th Oct 17

It’s no surprise that Chief Minister Michael Gunner’s announcement last week that the Government intends to legislate for a blood alcohol limit whilst driving a boat has caused an uproar in the recreational fishing community, particularly on social media where there has been a barrage of protest and condemnation.
It follows the publishing... (more)

Alex's Fishing Report 21 October 2017

21st Oct 17

With so much happening on the Top End angling scene, I just wonder if I can get it all in and give it justice this week.
Firstly, and most importantly to myself and many 1000s of anglers, last Friday there was a monumental release of ravenous Cyrtobagous salviniae weevils in our iconic Four Mile Hole in Kakadu National Park.
This has been an ongoing saga... (more)

Alex's Fishing Report 14 October 2017

14th Oct 17

Talk about a trail of improbable coincidences.
Thursday morning last week I was chatting fish with Alice Burton on 104.9 and she asked me where are the $Million Fish, as none had been caught at that stage… or so we thought.
Right about that time, George Voukolos Junior was calling in the capture of the first $10,000 tagged barra for season three... (more)

Alex's Fishing Report 7 October 2017

7th Oct 17

There are three great reasons to be fishing next weekend: Palmerston Game Fishing Club will be holding its 30th Anniversary Corroboree Park Challenge; Million Dollar Fish season three will be into its third week; and National Gone Fishing Day will be held on Sunday the 15th.
It’s hard to imagine that the Corroboree Park Challenge has been going... (more)

Alex's Fishing Report 30 September 2017

30th Sep 17

The starter’s gun is cocked and ready to fire at midnight when season three of Million Dollar Fish gets under way.
Originally devised to increase fishing tourism to the Northern Territory, which has certainly worked, it has also galvanised Top End anglers into something akin to a barra fishing frenzy.
On that note, I have no doubt that there’ll... (more)

Alex's Fishing Report 21 September 2017

21st Sep 17

The fishing was tough but the camaraderie was strong – that pretty well sums up the 11th annual Secret Women’s Business Barra Challenge held last Friday and Saturday at Corroboree Billabong.
This is the second time that I’ve had the pleasure of being on the water and covering the NT’s premier female fishing tournament.
Women-only... (more)

Alex's Fishing Report 14 September 2017

14th Sep 17

The Top End Barra Series (TEBS) continues to go from strength to strength, and the recent round four in Darwin Harbour was certainly testimony to that.
According to TEBS co-ordinator, Ross Abraham, the harbour round again demonstrated that the city backyard is in healthy condition.
“Despite the wind that turned up on the weekend of TEBS, there... (more)

Alex's Fishing Report 7 September 2017

7th Sep 17

It’s been a long time coming but finally there will be proper boat ramp access to the Mary River at Shady Camp.
Tomorrow or early next week, Fisheries Minister Ken Vowles will be officially opening the concrete boat ramp.
“The ramp will be a welcome piece of infrastructure for fishers that will improve access to the world-class Mary River Barramundi... (more)