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Australia's northern capital city, Darwin, is a major centre for recreational fishing in Australia and home to locally-produced National Australian Fishing Annual (NAFA)

Established in 1992, NAFA is Australia’s largest and most widely distributed fishing magazine, available through newsagents, selected tackle shops and online. NAFA is a bi-annual, coming out in May and November of each year. It is a large format, full colour, gloss magazine with almost 300 pages of content per edition.

NAFA incorporates a flipover magazine called NAFA's Outdoors 4X4 Travel & Camping. NAFA is now not only a reliable and authoritative source for information on all aspects of fishing and boating, but also 4WD, travel and camping.

This quality magazine contains informative articles and first-class photography from the best writers in the country and also features the popular NAFA Good Gear Model Pictorial.

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Fishing With Alex Julius

14th Nov 19

We’re now into Season 5 of Million Dollar Fish (MDF), and it’s interesting that there have only been two tagged barra caught that were worth $10,000 each: one from Manton Dam caught by Greg Fry and one from the McArthur River caught by Jamie McGuiness.
Neither location has produced a red-tagged barra before, but even more interesting is that... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius

1st Nov 19

Last week’s NT Billfish Classic produced mixed results for the 14 teams that competed.
Given how regularly the Dundee billfish grounds have been going off with amazing sailfish and marlin action this year, it was surprising that most boats headed over to the Bathurst Island grounds.
In one respect, it was a good decision because there were some mighty... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius

22nd Oct 19

It’s always great to catch a metrey, but to do it in an iconic fishing competition is real icing on the cake.
That’s exactly what Lucas Pel did when he a caught a 103cm barra which helped him win Champion Angler at Palmerston Game Fishing Club’s recent Corroboree Park Challenge.
Lucas is 28 so it’s been at least 20 years since he... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius

17th Oct 19

There were certainly a couple of surprises in last weekend’s Corroboree
Park Challenge.
This 32-year-old Palmerston Game Fishing Club family-fishing event is held on the Mary River system and all waterways east of the Mary as far as the East Alligator River.
For ease of access and general convenience, most teams fish Corroboree Billabong.
Given that... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius

10th Oct 19

It seems the legacy of a poor wet season has continued to haunt competitors in this year’s Top End Barra Series (TEBS).
This wonderful social/competitive event revolves around six locations fished respectively six times through the year.
Sadly, the results in general this year have been the worst in TEBS nine-year history.
Last weekend’s sixth... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius

4th Oct 19

When you are thinking about memorable barra sessions, you are usually thinking about the Runoff.
However, at more remote locations, where barra can be left unchecked for weeks, months or even years on end, the Build-up can also provide opportunities to find concentrations of hungry barra just waiting to eat your lures.
Seven Spirit Bay Wilderness Lodge... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius

3rd Oct 19

Top End anglers and visiting fishos are getting organised for a shot at Million Dollar Fish Season 5 which gets under way after midnight next Tuesday.
This mega fishing competition will continue until 31 March 2020.
This season, there will be 126 barra tagged and ready to be recaptured:
•    five red tags re-activated from seasons 1,... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius 19/09/19

19th Sep 19

Just when you thought the easterlies were a thing of the dry season just passed, last week, and particularly the weekend, was more than just a bit blowy.
One area where it really howled was Bynoe Harbour, and didn’t that make fishing interesting for competitors in round five of the Top End Barra Series, aka TEBS.
According to a TEBS organiser, Regis... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius 2/9/19

12th Sep 19

The NT’s premier women-only fishing competition was another ripper for the host Palmerston Game Fishing Club last weekend.
This was the annual Secret Women’s Business Barra Challenge, held over two days on beautiful Corroboree Billabong.
There were 41 teams of three or four anglers competing and, as always, they had to fend for themselves with... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius 5/9/19

5th Sep 19

Last weekend was a day to remember for a whole bunch of anglers who were part of the billfish action off Dundee Beach.
The number of billfish – sailfish in particular – sighted by the dozen or so boats working the area was the stuff of dreams.
In fact, it was right up there with the best sailfish action that you get off Broome WA, and that’s... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius 29/08/2019

29th Aug 19

It seems last week’s round 4 of the Top End Barra Series (TEBS) was anything but a walk in the park for most of the competitors.
This was the annual Darwin Harbour round, timed as it was for the beginning of the build-up season.
According to Regis Martin, who competed in the weekend competition, the barra were fickle and incredibly hard to entice.... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius 22/8/19

22nd Aug 19

The old adage “he was like a kid in a candy shop” certainly applied to me last week down at the annual Australian Fishing Trade Show on the Gold Coast.
This is the industry show where Australian fishing tackle manufacturers, importers and distributors set up elaborate stands to present their wares to fishing tackle retailers.
At each show,... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius 14/8/19

14th Aug 19

After a dry season with favourable breezes for much of the time, we’ve had a fair bit of windy weather over the past month, and it’s only been getting stronger this past week.
It’s not only reduced the options for the smaller-tinny brigade but it’s also stopped the bigger trailer boats from heading offshore for full day trips.... (more)

Fishing with Alex Julius 8/08/2019

8th Aug 19

In Top End fishing circles, there’s been a fair bit of chat about sharks in recent times.
Many believe there are more sharks around now than ever before, and there has even been discussion about the risk of shark attack.
All of a sudden, our world-famous “legitimate” man-eater, the saltwater crocodile, is taking second fiddle.
Given the... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius 25/07/2019

25th Jul 19

Last week I made my annual pilgrimage to Four Mile Hole in Kakadu National Park.
I’ll get onto the fishing later in the column but firstly I wanted to report on something I found absolutely amazing: the almost total eradication of the noxious floating aquatic plant – salvinia.
Frankly, it blew me away; there were snags that we fished that for... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius 11/07/19

11th Jul 19

It’s been a while between rounds but number three round of the Top End Barra Series (TEBS) took place last weekend.
The fishing grounds for this round were any Mary River billabong, so competitors had four to choose from: Mary River Bridge Lagoon, Hardies Lagoon, Corroboree Billabong and Shady Camp Freshwater Lagoon.
TEBS co-ordinator, Ross Abraham... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius 27/06/19

27th Jun 19

Talk about brass monkey weather this week – by golly it’s been cold.
I reckon Tuesday was the coldest, something that was quite noticeable given I was heading out to a favourite billabong an hour before first light.
With me was old mate Andreas Bischoff who was up here for last weekend’s 4WD Outdoors and Boating Show, supporting a team... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius 20/06/19

20th Jun 19

We’re sliding right into the neap tides this weekend, and this will provide the ideal opportunity to target bluewater fish.
Sunday is the pick simply because the offshore wind and wave forecasts are for milder conditions than on Saturday.
The tidal range will also be less on Sunday and both the daytime high and low tides are at respectable hours.... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius 13/06/19

14th Jun 19

I find it difficult not to buy into the discussion on whether Darwin should have its own iconic “Big Thing” and, if so, what that should be.
To be frank, I’ve always thought we should have our own “Big Thing”, and you don’t have to be a quiz master to guess what I’m tipping.
I most definitely believe we should... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius 6/6/19

6th Jun 19

I’m in Cairns as you read this, fishing day trips with an old mate, Kim Andersen, at Copperlode Dam.
Copperlode is about 30 minutes out of Cairns, practically at the top of the nearest hinterland.
You reckon the mornings are cold in Darwin right now; I can tell you it’s brass monkey weather on the dam at first light.
Copperlode is where Queensland... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius 24/05/19

23rd May 19

In what was widely discussed as the toughest Club Marine Insurance Barra Nationals ever, this great tournament is done and dusted for another year.
There was never any doubt that fishing would be incredibly challenging down the Daly last week, and some of the statistics certainly back that up: 28 of 71 teams didn’t catch a point-scoring barra and... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius 17/05/2019

17th May 19

I can’t tell you how the Club Marine Insurance Barra Nationals is going because I’m down on the Daly River myself, hopefully catching fish.
However, even though the fishing has been tough down the Daly in terms of barra numbers, it hasn’t stopped some absolute stonkers from being caught.
The biggest so far is a great, big, fat 127cm barra... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius 8/5/2019

8th May 19

Judging by how tough the fishing was on the Daly River for competitors in the annual NT Barra Classic last week, it’s a fair bet that next week’s Club Marine Insurance Barra Nationals will see more of the same.
What unfolded down the river was not really a surprise.
For months now we’ve all been talking about the poor wet season and lack... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius 30/04/2019

30th Apr 19

As you read this, the NT Barra Classic will be well under way.
Yesterday was the first day of competition and it will be interesting to see how the boats fared with the low-river conditions.
Old mate and top fishing guide Stuey Brisbane from Daly River Barra Resort said the river was as low as it gets at the end of the dry season.
“The rock-bar on... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius 26/04/19

26th Apr 19

You could do worse than spend Easter at Seven Spirit Bay Wilderness Lodge.
It’s on the western side of Port Essington in the Garig Gunat Barlu National Park, Cobourg Peninsula.
You get there via a 40-minute charter flight almost due north of Darwin.
Seven Spirit Bay is possibly the most-upmarket resort in North Australia, which is not surprising considering... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius

19th Apr 19

Easter is here, and the Easter Bunny has brought anglers excellent fishing conditions to help us enjoy our extra-long weekend.
Big spring tides offer plenty of opportunities no matter what style of fishing you favour.
Out on the blue water, Fenton Patches and South Gutter have all produced quality fish; bottom bouncers report coral trout, golden snapper... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius 15/04/19

15th Apr 19

The only real expectation for this year’s Aurora Kakadu Klash was that the fishing would be tough.
After all, we’ve just had one of the lousiest wet seasons on record, and reports from the iconic South Alligator River were all negative, including that there was bugger-all runoff happening.
My information gleaned before this great Territory... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius

5th Apr 19

I’m away at the Aurora Kakadu Klash where the fishing is tough but some good ones are getting caught.
In my absence, I asked old mate Roger Sinclair to shed some light on the Top End salt water fly fishing scene.
I doubt anyone has a better handle on the history and scope of fly fishing in the Territory than Roger, aka the Silver Fox.
Over to Roger:... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius

28th Mar 19


With Alex Julius

With a low pressure system potentially forming over the Arafura Sea early next week, the eyes of about 120 anglers competing in the Aurora Kakadu Klash later next week are well and truly focused on the weather charts.
The Klash commences next Thursday and there’s considerable uncertainty as to what impact the forming low might... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius 22/3/2019

22nd Mar 19

If you’re wondering when this year’s Amateur Fishermen’s Association NT (AFANT) annual general meeting will be held, I can tell you it won’t be on a Sunday morning at Tracy Village as it has been for the last couple of decades at least.
Instead, in a break from tradition, the AFANT committee is trying an evening time slot at a... (more)

Fishing with Alex Julius 14/3/19

14th Mar 19

It seems that everyone’s given up hope of getting any sort of a rain drenching before the official dry season.
However, it was interesting chatting with Ben Price from the Bureau of Metreology about our chances.
“There’s a weak trough in the southern part of the Banda Sea,” Ben said.
“There’s a bit of a low happening... (more)

Fishing With Alex Julius 6/03/1219

6th Mar 19

Neap tides, calm waters and a great deal of angling enthusiasm combined to ensure last weekend’s opening round of the Top End Barra Series was an absolute ripper, especially for some bigger barra.
TEBS co-ordinator, Rossco Abraham, said this first round is known as the “Shady and Coastal Round”.
“Competitors were able to fish from... (more)

Fishing with Alex Julius

1st Mar 19

I was chatting with a mate the other day who had just recently undertaken a trip going right down the South Alligator River, across to the East Alligator River and then right up the East.
He and his mates fished the whole way there and back, casting to anything that resembled a colour change or a likely barramundi ambush point.
Their catch was just one... (more)