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Australia's northern capital city, Darwin, is a major centre for recreational fishing in Australia and home to locally-produced National Australian Fishing Annual (NAFA)

Established in 1992, NAFA is Australia’s largest and most widely distributed fishing magazine, available through newsagents, selected tackle shops and online. NAFA is a bi-annual, coming out in May and November of each year. It is a large format, full colour, gloss magazine with almost 300 pages of content per edition.

NAFA incorporates a flipover magazine called NAFA's Outdoors 4X4 Travel & Camping. NAFA is now not only a reliable and authoritative source for information on all aspects of fishing and boating, but also 4WD, travel and camping.

This quality magazine contains informative articles and first-class photography from the best writers in the country and also features the popular NAFA Good Gear Model Pictorial.


A one-year subscription to NAFA for only $29.90 ($27.18 plus GST) and entitles you to 2 issues (including postage within Australia). That is 25% off the normal retail price of $19.95!

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FISHING With Alex Julius

9th Dec 18

Conditions weren’t perfect when we headed out to sea last week for three days of hopefully bluewater fishing mayhem.
It was daybreak and the westerly winds were already gusting to more than 40kph, with waves frothing at more than a metre high.
Fortunately, we had a real weapon on our side: the 16m Wai Nawana which revels in adverse sea conditions.... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

30th Nov 18

Hands up if you’ve never fished Buffalo Creek before.
I doubt there’s an angler in Darwin who hasn’t chucked a lure from the sand into a ch7urning incoming tide in Buffalo Creek.
It’s interesting that I haven’t heard much happening at Buffalo Creek this year.
It can’t be because no one has been chasing barra there?
Always... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

21st Nov 18

Is barra fishing in Darwin Harbour tough at the moment, or is it just me?
I’ve spent three days over the last fortnight: two days in West Arm and one day in Little West Arm, and you could count the barra we caught each time on one hand.
What’s more, only one or two were legal size per fishing trip.
Admittedly, we tagged and released a barra... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

14th Nov 18

Million Dollar Fish Season 4 is now into its seventh week, and clearly it’s not following the pattern of the three previous seasons.
The reason is that only three BetEasy tagged barra have been caught this season whereas, in the three previous seasons, there were 10, 9 and 14 barra caught respectively, and most came in the first six weeks.
I asked... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

7th Nov 18

There have been both positive and negative updates on the five Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) which have been placed at Fenton Patches, North Gutter and wide of Dundee Beach.
The positive news is that significant schools of baitfish have been congregating around them, and pelagic predators have moved in looking for an easy feed.
In other words, they are... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

26th Oct 18

Glassed-out sea conditions and two great fishing options made for a memorable NT Billfish Classic held over three days late last week.
Although not co-ordinating the tournament this year, Billfish Classic stalwart, old mate Peter Dienhoff was right across this year’s tournament which is hosted by Darwin Game Fishing Club.
“The Classic only... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

18th Oct 18

I know I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago, but it’s probably worth revisiting the Corroboree Park Challenge which is scheduled to commence late tomorrow and continue over the weekend.
This is actually one of the Top End’s oldest fishing competitions, and it’s a beauty because it’s so family-oriented.
Hosted by the Palmerston... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

11th Oct 18

The Top End Barra Series (TEBS) is nearing its end for the year following the penultimate round held on Darwin Harbour late last month.
According to TEBS co-ordinator, Ross Abraham, the harbour round is usually a challenging event to organise.
“Co-ordinating the better tides with an appropriate weekend in the latter part of the year does not work... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

3rd Oct 18

The last major barra competition for the year, Corroboree Park Challenge, takes place from 5.00pm Friday 19 October to 5.00pm the following Sunday.
This year there are some interesting changes in the scoring system.
Whereas previously the winner was the angler who caught the biggest barra by length, this year the winner will be judged by the total length... (more)

FISHING With Alex Julius

27th Sep 18

Holy snapping barra poop!
Million Dollar Fish Season 4 has just been catapulted into one of the biggest fishing competitions ever held in the world …if the not biggest which I truly suspect.
As you would have seen up the front of today’s paper, instead of one $1 million dollar barra, this Season 4 will have five barra each carrying a tag worth... (more)