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A day’s heli-fishing trip means you can travel to more, and secluded, fishing spots where you can usually catch bigger barra in larger quantities.  The Helifish chopper departs around 8.00am and won’t be back until late afternoon with around 6 hours of fishing time at up to 5 different locations depending on the tides that day.

You will get over 2 hours flight time in the chopper and fly over wetlands teeming with wildlife on your way to and from our fishing spots. Water birds, crocodiles and other wildlife are usually in abundant numbers most times of the year and the viewing experience from the chopper is second to none. The tours are a photographer’s dream.

Catches of 10 or more good barra is the average but it varies with seasonal conditions, weather and a dozen other factors that can influence the fishing on the day. Helifish provides all quality fishing gear, lunches, soft drinks and plenty of cool water. You will need to take a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and a camera. The heli-fishing trip departs from MKT airfield at Noonamah which is about a 30 minutes drive from Darwin City.

Your journey home will take you over Litchfield National Park and Wangi Falls, with options to land at a pub for a cold beer or land at a pristine waterfall for a swim.

This tour will exceed your expectations and is an adventure you will savour forever.