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NAFA's Fishing Magazine

NAFA's Fishing Magazine #9
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NAFA Good Gear Models, Samantha Steele and Rachel Astill, with rigged scad marlin bait and Shimano Tiagra 130 heavy-tackle game outfit. Photo: AJ (Rogue Swimwear)
This year's NAFA is the biggest we've so far put together and, if you're like the vast majority of fishing magazine readers, myself included, you will already have had a good look through it before reading this. That means you will also already know that this edition is quite a bit different to previous years. There is a very good and simple reason for that: for the first time we knew exactly what you wanted to read and see in this, the nation's biggest fishing magazine. Thanks to our major readership survey polled through last year's NAFA, we've been able to channel our efforts towards producing content that will hit the mark with our readers.
On page 256 you'll see the principal results of the survey, based as it was on 439 detailed responses. Admittedly, those responses largely vindicated much of what has been happening with NAFA in recent years. For example, our approach of utilising NAFA cover girls and Good Gear Models was supported by more than 85% of our readership. In terms of what was rated highest, 99% liked stories on different locations, 98% liked our pictorials, 98% liked "How To" fishing tips and instructions, 97% enjoyed our Product Awareness pages, our Good Gear information scored 95%, and specific species coverage also rated in the high 90s. So you'll see that all of that is methodically reflected in this year's contents.
But there were also surprises. In response to our request for readers to nominate what they wanted to see even more of in the magazine, the second-highest response was for more boating information. Well, you asked and we are happy to oblige with a 40-page section titled NAFA on Boats. We even anointed Warren Steptoe as our Boating Editor.
We were also floored by the statistics on 4WD ownership: 72% of our readers own a 4WD. And as 71% of those people don't read mainstream 4WD magazines, NAFA may well be the only dose of 4WD information that they get. That probably explains why it rated in the top five of what readers wanted to see more of in the magazine.
Sorting out the Contents pages was a bit of a nightmare because quite a few articles met more than one demand. So you'll have to excuse us for cross-referencing five items in the contents.
You might have gathered by now just how important feedback is to us here at NAFA. And we want to keep receiving it, so feel free to email us and write to us with your suggestions. Next year will be the big one: NAFA's 10th anniversary. We believe this issue is by far the best ever, but you just wait until next year.