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NAFA's Fishing Magazine - Contents

NAFA's Fishing Magazine #36

16 WHEN THE PENNY DROPS Lee Brake explains that it’s a winner when the penny drops and you start catching more fish consistently thanks to a revised, strategic approach.
22 THE PIG DOG OF THE FRESHWATER After 14 years since his last PNG visit chasing Papuan black bass, AJ joins the luxury mothership K2O on a fishing adventure down the remote Fly River.
30 STUMPJUMPING THE DARLING RIVER Rod Mackenzie hits the Darling River with his favourite StumpJumper lures and notches up some beautiful Murray cod.
37 FISHING TERRITORY Our mega NT Fishing Section.
39 FIVE MILLION DOLLAR FISH IN SEASON 4 AJ Reports on some exciting changes to Season 4 of Million Dollar Fish, including not one but now five barra each worth $1million up for grabs.
46 NO MORE MACKEREL! When a jigging rock-star and his entourage decide to visit Darwin to see what’s on offer, NAFA’s Darwin-based jigging expert Peter Zeroni pulled out all stops to ensure their brief tour de force is a red-carpet affair.
54 MARY RIVER RUNOFF When it comes to serious barra, Chris Errity finds the small creeks near the mouth of the Mary River can turn on some crackerjack fishing.
61 2018 TOP END BARRA SERIES The 2018 Top End Barra Series completed its eighth year in 2018. Ross “Rossco” Abraham shares stories from competitors who are encouraged to keep the event social.
69 SWB 2018 AJ Reports that, with slick organising, comfort escapes for competitors, and high-level boating skills across 42 teams, it was little wonder that the 2018 Secret Women’s Business Barra Challenge was again a great success.
78 SPEED MULLET Ben Knaggs shares his knowledge about Darwin Harbour’s unique availability of one of the world’s most-scintillating yet vexing sportfish: the milkfish.
84 ARAFURA BLUE MAGIC The Wai Nawana is the pride of the fleet of four great Arafura Bluewater Charters boats that operate year-round out of Darwin. It was the ideal platform for our regular NAFA Good Gear shoot.
100 THE HUNT FOR BIG RED Shane Murton’s Guide to catching monster South Australian snapper.
108 HALF A CENTURY ON THE ROCKS Starlo looks back on his 50 years of rock-hopping, reflects on how the game has changed, and makes some sobering predictions about its future. If you love fishing from the stones, you can’t afford to skip this one!
116 ALASKAN SALMON On a super-fishy Alaskan adventure for David Green where there were five species of salmon to target, including the one John West rejects.
122 LESSONS IN LONGTAIL…LAND-BASED Longtail tuna offer an unforgettable experience for land-based anglers, but Joe Brennan knows they don’t come easy.
128 THINKING SAFE Crocs, sharks and rogue waves, just three of a large number of potential hazards that anglers may have to deal with. Kim Courtney emphasises that safety is paramount, and it pays never to forget this.
135 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE To experience offshore success with soft plastics requires attention to detail. But it also helps to know what you are doing so here is John Boon’s beginner’s guide to jigging central Queensland, inshore to offshore.
140 FISH HEAD SOUP Kim Courtenay’s delicious oil-rich, fish-head chowder is aptly anti-aging and joint lubricating, but he’ll happily release a metre barra anytime.