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20th Jun 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

I don’t think any serious barra angler hasn’t at some stage yearned to go and have a crack at a Nile perch.
This massive freshwater fish is almost a spitting image of the barramundi, or at least it is before closer examination.
It grows to more than 2m and is believed to reach a whopping 200kg.
On the other hand, barramundi attain a maximum length of about 1.5m and can probably reach a weight of about 50kg. So that’s a serious size difference.
The Nile perch is... (more)

7th Jun 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

The Cobourg Peninsula is without doubt a jewel in the Top End recreational fishery.
I’ve been fortunate enough to visit and fish it many times in a period spanning more than 30 years.
My association with the region began not long after it was declared a national park; namely, the Gurig National Park.
A mate and I opened a small fishing safari camp on Smith Point at the eastern entrance to Port Essington.
It operated for just a couple of years because, in hindsight, we were before our time and bureaucratic... (more)

1st Jun 18

FISHING With Alex Julius


With Alex Julius

You may have noticed that the last three or four weekends have been quite windy.
It’s a typical dry season scenario off the Top End as those high pressure systems roll through the Great Australian Bight and cause moderate-to-strong winds to blow across our coastline and inshore waters.
Good news this weekend is that a low pressure system is dominant below the bottom end of Australia and winds won’t get much more than 10 knots off Darwin.
In fact, after lunch on both... (more)

24th May 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

I’m guilty as charged if sneaking three more trips to the South Alligator River before the end of the Runoff is a crime.
The first trip was on a waning spring tide a fortnight ago with a couple of mates: Phil Hall and Tim Pel.
It was too far to go downstream to the mouth looking for clear water on a day trip, and it’s just too easy to buzz around upriver from the boat ramp.
Water clarity was average, but we found small barra on some rock lumps in the main river that had been exposed after... (more)

21st May 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

If winning Barra Classics is something you get tired of, then Shane Compain must be exhausted.
Not only did the champion angler lead his Top End Tackle World team to a bludgeoning victory over the 56 other teams that competed in this year’s Classic, but it was also his team’s sixth victory in the seven years he has been competing.
Incredibly, the Tackle World team amassed 3975 points which was nearly double that of the second-placed Classic Legends team.
As has been happening since 1990,... (more)

125 results
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