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20th Apr 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

The Runoff continues and there has been no end of great fishing reports.
The old Silver Fox, Roger Sinclair, hit Shady Camp with Glenn Hubble (aka Harbourmaster), late last week and caught upwards of 150 barra and a bunch of threadies.
Interestingly, many of their fish were caught on the long wand – fly fishing.
“Glenn fly fished more than I did and caught at least 30 on fly, including heaps at the Shady Camp barrages,” Roger told me.
“At times the fish were thick casting at and... (more)

12th Apr 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

Last weekend was a big one for fishing on two fronts: fishing politics and fishing in action.
At the AFANT AGM on Sunday, Attorney-General Natasha Fyles announced the well-received NT Government's back down on random breathalysing boat drivers.
She explained that the Government will now follow the WA model whereby boat drivers will only be breathalysed if they are doing something dangerous and there is a complaint or there is an actual incident.
AFANT President, Warren de With, commented that this was... (more)

5th Apr 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

A question I’ve been asked fairly often recently is whether the runoff fishing this year has been as great as predicted.
In two words: not quite.
That’s probably because two iconic rivers didn’t fire up to their best: the Daly and the Mary.
The Daly fished well for some – including on two separate trips for me personally – but the hot bites were restricted to less than a handful of places.
Given that there have been upwards of 30 boats on the Daly even during the week, only... (more)

29th Mar 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

Last week’s Aurora Kakadu Klash on the mighty South Alligator River was once again a resounding success.
More so, it was so very different from any previous Klash I can remember.
After a big wet season, and a river still riding its banks way upstream, it was no surprise that practically all the teams fished downriver all the way to the mouth.
Brook Creek received most of the angling attention, which was not surprising given how many times it has been won there.
Some teams worked the mouth of Brook... (more)

23rd Mar 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

For Darwin anglers, fishing went on hold last weekend.
Cyclone Marcus roared through, intent on blowing over every African Mahogany and undernourished native tree from the CBD to the northern suburbs to the outer rural area.
As if not having power for several days for some households hasn’t been bad enough, bloody Marcus delivered just a piddling amount of rain to our big-river floodplains.
We all thought that a second wet season cometh, but it shot through like a Daly River bore on an 8 metre... (more)

118 results
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