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14th Oct 17

Alex's Fishing Report 14 October 2017

Talk about a trail of improbable coincidences.
Thursday morning last week I was chatting fish with Alice Burton on 104.9 and she asked me where are the $Million Fish, as none had been caught at that stage… or so we thought.
Right about that time, George Voukolos Junior was calling in the capture of the first $10,000 tagged barra for season three of Million Dollar Fish.
As if that improbable coincidence wasn’t enough, George also caught a red-tagged barra last year in MDF season two.
And if... (more)

7th Oct 17

Alex's Fishing Report 7 October 2017

There are three great reasons to be fishing next weekend: Palmerston Game Fishing Club will be holding its 30th Anniversary Corroboree Park Challenge; Million Dollar Fish season three will be into its third week; and National Gone Fishing Day will be held on Sunday the 15th.
It’s hard to imagine that the Corroboree Park Challenge has been going for three decades.
I didn’t even realise that the Corroboree Park Tavern itself has been around that long.
Right from the beginning, it has been a... (more)

30th Sep 17

Alex's Fishing Report 30 September 2017

The starter’s gun is cocked and ready to fire at midnight when season three of Million Dollar Fish gets under way.
Originally devised to increase fishing tourism to the Northern Territory, which has certainly worked, it has also galvanised Top End anglers into something akin to a barra fishing frenzy.
On that note, I have no doubt that there’ll be 100s of boats on the water tomorrow, each carrying anglers who’ll be fishing hard to catch one of the 100 red-tagged barra worth 10K each... (more)

21st Sep 17

Alex's Fishing Report 21 September 2017

The fishing was tough but the camaraderie was strong – that pretty well sums up the 11th annual Secret Women’s Business Barra Challenge held last Friday and Saturday at Corroboree Billabong.
This is the second time that I’ve had the pleasure of being on the water and covering the NT’s premier female fishing tournament.
Women-only fishing competitions are a real part of the Top End fishing scene nowadays, but I suppose what sets the SWB apart is that the female competitors fend... (more)

14th Sep 17

Alex's Fishing Report 14 September 2017

The Top End Barra Series (TEBS) continues to go from strength to strength, and the recent round four in Darwin Harbour was certainly testimony to that.
According to TEBS co-ordinator, Ross Abraham, the harbour round again demonstrated that the city backyard is in healthy condition.
“Despite the wind that turned up on the weekend of TEBS, there were 99 barra recorded over 50cm,” Ross said.
“The biggest barra came in at 81cm and was captured by Simon Bochow.
“The number of barra... (more)

103 results
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