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6th Apr 17

Alex's Fishing Report 6 April 2017

We are about to find out exactly how good the fishing is at the South Alligator River.
The reason is that the annual Aurora Kakadu Klash kicks off today, and no less than 40 teams will be plying the big river’s waters for three full days.
This is the first barramundi tournament of the Territory Grand Slam and, for many, it is their favourite.
The other two big ones are the Barra Nationals and the Barra Classic, and these are held over five days of competition with points awarded for all barra caught,... (more)

30th Mar 17

Alex's Fishing Report 30 March 2017

It didn’t surprise me that the majority of anglers did it tough during the first round of the Top End Barra Series (TEBS) held last weekend from Shady Camp.
I was there last Thursday with Brad Woollams and Rocky Edwards, and it was a slow day for us, and for many others we spoke to.
We were one of a few boats with just one barra, whilst most others had zilch.
According to TEBS co-ordinator, Ross Abraham, competitors could fish the Mary River system through to the coast and from Marsh Creek to the... (more)

23rd Mar 17

Alex's Fishing Report 23 March 2017

If you’re looking for a runoff barra fish this weekend, the monsoon just to our north will continue to move away and the storms will begin dissipating.
According to Zuzanna Palej of the Darwin Bureau of Metreology, we can expect to have the usual afternoon showers over the next few weeks, as this has been a good wet season, but the weak monsoon trough will be gone.
“However, bear in mind that we can’t rule out another monsoon happening again this wet season,” Zuzanna said.
The... (more)

16th Mar 17

Alex's Fishing Report 16 March 2017

Where to go chasing a hot barra bite is what many anglers are considering at the moment.
Barra seem to be biting like mad everywhere, but it’s still possible to miss out.
Luckily, my timing was pretty good last week when I arrived at Daly River Barra Resort the very afternoon that the Woolianna Road reopened after Cyclone Blanche slipped by.
It was great that the Daly River Police clearly recognised the importance of maintaining access to the Daly River boat ramp via Woolianna Road during this... (more)

9th Mar 17

Alex's Fishing Report 9 March 2017

Not surprisingly, there’s a lot of secrecy amongst the Darwin angling fraternity at the moment.
As river, and specific areas in river systems, begin to fire, anglers getting into hot action are keeping quiet; that is, at least until they have caught their share and either will not be revisiting or the fish have gone off the bite at the “secret” spot.
A master of secrecy is Stewie Martin.
Even when he posts great catches on Face Book, your are left with no inkling of where the action... (more)

122 results
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