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30th Jun 16

Alex's Fishing Report 30 June 2016

It’s official: El Nino is gone and won’t be back for at least 12 months.
This is according to the Bureau of Metreology which describes the El Nino effect as the above-average warming of the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean which in turn causes a shift in atmospheric circulation.
The El Nino that has just died was one of the most-severe ever recorded, and it was the reason why we had such a pathetic wet season in terms of rainfall.
Following on the heels of two previous below-average... (more)

23rd Jun 16

Alex's Fishing Report 23 June 2016

If you’re thinking of wetting a line for barra in the salt water this weekend, there are definitely some possibilities based on the run of tides.
At first glance, you might think the low tides are a bit late and a bit high for Darwin Harbour.
Based on a couple of trips I’ve done of late, when the low tides were a good metre higher than those this weekend, there are definitely barra to be caught.
Roger Sinclair and I worked some flats near Blessers Creek early last Monday on a 3.3m low tide.... (more)

16th Jun 16

Alex's Fishing Report 16 June 2016

For those who might have missed it, Four Mile Hole in Kakadu National Park will not be opened this year due to massive infestation with the floating aquatic weed: salvinia.
Apparently, 95% of this iconic lagoon is covered; and although the closure is deemed temporary, don’t hold your breath waiting for it to reopen.
There’s a lot I could write afresh about this, but instead following are extracts from my column published on 17 July 2014:
“One of the Top End’s most-popular inland... (more)

9th Jun 16

Alex's Fishing Report 9 June 2016

Last weekend’s round three of the 2016 Top End Barra Series (TEBS) was a punt that paid off.
TEBS Co-ordinator, Glenn Dinwoodie, said: “We planned for this event back in July 2015 and we were thinking that competitors may have been faced with cooler water temperatures and gusty conditions, although nothing could have been further from the truth.”
“The weekend was hot and sweaty, with glassy conditions where anglers could comfortably sight fish on the flats for a large part of... (more)

2nd Jun 16

Alex's Fishing Report 2 June 2016

After a pretty ordinary wet season and a well-less-than-average run-off, could it be that we are finally getting a more-normal dry season?
Thanks to a high pressure system floating across the Great Australian Bight, the easterlies have started, so that does point to a critical feature of any Top End dry season.
But then, how do you account for the regular nightly rainfall we experienced of late; or the sticky, mildly-hot daytime temperatures also of late?
It’s certainly been a weird first half... (more)

121 results
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