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FISHING With Alex Julius

There have been both positive and negative updates on the five Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) which have been placed at Fenton Patches, North Gutter and wide of Dundee Beach.
The positive news is that significant schools of baitfish have been congregating around them, and pelagic predators have moved in looking for an easy feed.
In other words, they are doing their job of aggregating fish.
The negative news is that one of the Fenton Patches FADs has gone missing and the other FAD on Fenton has been damaged.
According to Fisheries’ Evan Needham, it’s possible that someone tried to moor off the FAD and it came adrift.
Fortunately, since coverage of the missing FAD on ABC radio’s popular Tales From The Tinny program, the possible location of the missing FAD has been reported.
“I am hoping to confirm its location and recover it ASAP,” Evan told me.
“If anyone does come across one of the FADs away from its published GPS location, please let Fisheries know.
“The main message for anglers keen to try out the FADs is to not moor or anchor on them. “Predators patrol around the area so there should be no need to fish or anchor right on top of them,” Evan explained.
The marks for all the FADs are on the NT Fisheries website and the NT Fishing Mate App.
A special code of conduct has also been added to the web page.
The following rules apply when you are using a fish aggregating device:
•    respect other FAD users at all times
•    be courteous to fishers who are already using the FAD
•    take turns in fishing the FAD and accommodate new arrivals
•    take only what you need for a feed
•    always slow your approach when nearing an FAD and sound the area away from the FAD for target fish
•    spearfishers should:
    be aware of other FAD users
    avoid entering the water if other boats are around the FAD
    not have a loaded speargun within 150 metres of another person who is not part of their fishing group
•    keep boats, lines and lures a safe distance from:
    the FAD
    spearfishers
    other boats.
It all makes perfect sense.

The 19th Northern Territory Saltwater Fly Fishing Challenge was held last week on Bynoe Harbour from its usual base at Sand Palms Roadhouse.
According to Roger Sinclair from the Darwin Flyrodders which hosts the event, there were 18 keen fly fishermen and women who made up the 9 teams, including interstate anglers.
“It was very hot and the fishing was hard but the teams stuck to their task and a few anglers managed to catch 6 of the 7 target species each day,” Roger told me.
“The 7 target species comprise barramundi, salmon (blue or threadfin), snapper species, queenfish, trevally, tarpon and mackerel.
“Mackerel was the only species not landed, and bonus points are awarded for anglers who land multiple species as well as the individual fish.
“Such is the difficulty of landing all 7 species on the same day that only a handful of anglers have been able to achieve that feat in the history of this competition,” Roger explained.
Team Zedex led the competition from start to finish and Jarryd Jeffery, 19, is the youngest angler to win the event.
After the competition, Warren Jeffery said: “We targeted trevally and queenfish around the rock-bars where we cast small white Clouser flies which were very effective.
“We found a few barra on the drains at the start of the incoming tide and were lucky enough to land some of these when most other anglers found barra hard to find.
“We landed tarpon and blue salmon using a special orange and white fly that I have been developing and refining over the past few years and we used fast-sinking lines in deep holes in the creeks to specifically target these fish,” Warren said.
Champion Team: Zedex (Warren Jeffery and Jarryd Jeffery) 7579 points
Runner-up Champion Team: Territory Towel-ups (Glenn Hubble and Quinten Pope) 7010 points
Champion Angler: Jarryd Jeffery 4880 points
Runner-up Champion Angler: Quinten Pope 4444 points

Jarryd Jefferys
1.    NT Saltwater Fly Fishing Challenge Champion Angler Jarryd JeAffery with a quality barra which helped his Zedex Team win.

Warron Jefferys
2.    Warren Jeffery of Team Zedex with a point-scoring barra.

3.    One of the five FADs doing their job offshore from Darwin and Dundee.

4.    Huge schools of baitfish are being attracted to the FADs.

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