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Fishing With Alex Julius 13/02/2019

Without delving too much into the missing-in-action wet season, and the forecast for bright, sunny days over the next week, I am happy to report some great barra fishing around the traps of late.
The top of the South Alligator River has been going well, and even better on the last set of neap tides, which means this weekend could be perfect.
There is still freshwater coming off the plains up the top, and with the lesser flow due to small tides, trolling could be a great option.
A lot of people have been hanging out for a shot at Shady Camp on the neaps this weekend.
I’m not sure if the water flow is still high enough that all-tide access is available at the boat ramp.
Notwithstanding, both Saturday and Sunday it will be high tide early and late at the Shady Camp boat ramp, so launching will be a breeze.
It will be interesting to see how Shady and the tidal Mary River fishes.
Down at the mouth of Sampan Creek, the bigger of the two delta creeks that comprise the Mary mouth, there should be good water clarity with such little tidal movement.
If the fresh is getting right down the river, there could also be fair water clarity throughout the system.
A similar scenario could unfold at Tommycut Creek, the smaller of the two delta creeks that form the Mary.
This weekend could offer an opportunity to run the 7km across Chambers Bay from Sampan to Tommycut.
At least you can be sure there will be a lot fewer boats.
Trolling big lures at the mouth on the incoming tide at both locations is one tactic that could lead to a big barra.
The Adelaide River mouth, especially at the three Wiltshire Creeks, is another easy option.
With the Gunn Point Road is now sealed, it’s a simple run to the Saltwater Arm turnoff and just another 10 or so kilometres to the ramp.
Of course, once on the Gunn Point Road, you might just feel inclined to keep going to Leaders Creek where outstanding tides beckon on both Saturday and Sunday.
Get down to the mouth early and troll inside and out along the western bank.
If you spot some fish on your sounder, try working vibes and soft plastics on electric outboard anchor lock.
Some very big barra have been caught down Leaders Creek using that technique over the last couple of months.
The Daly River has been consistent in recent weeks.
I reported a couple of weeks ago about the numbers and size of barra caught casting land-based around the mouth of Bamboo Creek.
With the river falling a couple of metres over the last week, Bamboo should fire up again.
Downriver, From Charlies Creek to No Fish Creek, some fine barra have been caught where there’s been a bit of colour change.
Now that the river is open again to fishing all the way down to the mouth and beyond, a bit of reconnaissance could pay dividends.
There’ll be a bit of breeze about over the weekend, but not enough to stop an offshore expedition.
You’ll have to keep an eye open for storms, but there could be some good pelagic action on the neaps.
Go to the NT Fishing Mate app and check out the locations of the new FADs.
I hear they’re crawling with baitfish and lots of pelagics.
Also think about hovering over one of the Fenton Patches artificial reefs.
You’ll find them on the NT Fisheries website.
Personally, I’d prefer it was raining cats and dogs this weekend; but given it won’t be, you may as well make the most of it and go catch some fish.


ashlea peckett
1.    Ashlea Beckett with a solid 78cm barra from down the Daly River.

paige watteau barra
2.    Paige Watteau experienced the barra action on the Daly.