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21st Nov 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

Is barra fishing in Darwin Harbour tough at the moment, or is it just me?
I’ve spent three days over the last fortnight: two days in West Arm and one day in Little West Arm, and you could count the barra we caught each time on one hand.
What’s more, only one or two were legal size per fishing trip.
Admittedly, we tagged and released a barra in West Arm for Million Dollar Fish.
This was a purple “charity tag”, one of three I was given by BetEasy’s Brad Fanning.
These tags aren’t... (more)

14th Nov 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

Million Dollar Fish Season 4 is now into its seventh week, and clearly it’s not following the pattern of the three previous seasons.
The reason is that only three BetEasy tagged barra have been caught this season whereas, in the three previous seasons, there were 10, 9 and 14 barra caught respectively, and most came in the first six weeks.
I asked MDF official tagger, Bill Sawynok, why he thought there were far fewer tagged barra caught so far this season.
“It’s probably because we... (more)

7th Nov 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

There have been both positive and negative updates on the five Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) which have been placed at Fenton Patches, North Gutter and wide of Dundee Beach.
The positive news is that significant schools of baitfish have been congregating around them, and pelagic predators have moved in looking for an easy feed.
In other words, they are doing their job of aggregating fish.
The negative news is that one of the Fenton Patches FADs has gone missing and the other FAD on Fenton has been... (more)

8th Sep 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

It’s now officially the Build-up, that wonderful time of year when both ambient and water temperatures begin to increase, humidity claws upwards, easterly trade winds abate and barra line up for a feed.
The Build-up is one of the Top End’s two iconic barra fishing seasons, the other being the Run-off.
It heralds the transition from the cooler dry season months to the approaching wet season when, in a nutshell, everything warms up and starts getting wetter.
We notice it but, more importantly,... (more)

23rd Aug 18

Alex's Fishing Report 23 August 2018

Overall, it would be hard to complain about the great weather we’ve had this dry season: endless cool nights with so many days of low humidity and just perfect temperatures.
Best of all, we’ve been experiencing one of those years when the fierce south-easterlies have hardly gusted through the dry season.
Sure, we’ve had a couple of weeks with strong wind forecasts but, overall, increased time on the water has been facilitated by great weather and sea conditions.
In what seems to be... (more)

111 results
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