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9th Mar 17

Alex's Fishing Report 9 March 2017

Not surprisingly, there’s a lot of secrecy amongst the Darwin angling fraternity at the moment.
As river, and specific areas in river systems, begin to fire, anglers getting into hot action are keeping quiet; that is, at least until they have caught their share and either will not be revisiting or the fish have gone off the bite at the “secret” spot.
A master of secrecy is Stewie Martin.
Even when he posts great catches on Face Book, your are left with no inkling of where the action... (more)

2nd Mar 17

Alex's Fishing Report 2 March 2017

An epidemic of gargantuan proportions is spreading across the Top End angling scene: it’s called Barra Fever.
River levels are dropping everywhere and I’ve heard lots of reports of barra biting.
Perhaps the best report has been from the Finniss River where one party landed more than 20 barra around the metre mark.
The Adelaide too has been fishing exceptionally well upriver.
Old mate George Moussa was up inside a creek last Saturday and caught 17 barra at a nice colour change.
He told me there... (more)

23rd Feb 17

Alex's Fishing Report 23 February 2017

With Cyclone Alfred fizzing out and heading away from the Top End rather than across it, we are now entering one of those windows in the wet season that I have written about before.
According to the Bureau of Metrology, conditions should be fairly dry for at least the next week; ie there is no active monsoon expected for the time being.
Mind you, as far as the big rivers go, there is water, water everywhere, but at least you can go barra hunting in pleasant conditions.
Remember too that this coming weekend... (more)

9th Feb 17

Alex's Fishing Report 9 February 2017

“We’re definitely going to have a March Runoff” were the prophetic words of Fishing and Outdoor World’s George Voukolos.
Following the massive deluge across the western Top End mainly last weekend, all the big rivers within a day trip of Darwin are well and truly flooding.
It’s interesting that Darwin and environs generally received the most rainfall, with some recordings over the weekend close to 400mm.
Mind you, once again the lower Daly River region was rained upon with... (more)

2nd Feb 17

Alex's Fishing Report 2 February 2017

You couldn’t write a better script for this wet season and the potential of a great runoff… especially after two abysmal Wets and “that sucks” runoffs.
Once again, my favourite Daly River is powering through the wet season and getting more than its fair share of deluge.
The last two major Daly floods were a bit late in the season and followed poor build-up rains.
This one’s different: there’ve been major falls right from early September and into October – barra... (more)

117 results
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