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4th Oct 19

Fishing With Alex Julius

When you are thinking about memorable barra sessions, you are usually thinking about the Runoff.
However, at more remote locations, where barra can be left unchecked for weeks, months or even years on end, the Build-up can also provide opportunities to find concentrations of hungry barra just waiting to eat your lures.
Seven Spirit Bay Wilderness Lodge accesses many small-to-medium mangrove creeks that can be home to prolific populations of barramundi, as well as a variety of other estuarine species... (more)

3rd Oct 19

Fishing With Alex Julius

Top End anglers and visiting fishos are getting organised for a shot at Million Dollar Fish Season 5 which gets under way after midnight next Tuesday.
This mega fishing competition will continue until 31 March 2020.
This season, there will be 126 barra tagged and ready to be recaptured:
•    five red tags re-activated from seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 worth $1m;
•    one red tag worth $1m;
•    100 red tags worth $10,000 each; and
•   ... (more)

19th Sep 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 19/09/19

Just when you thought the easterlies were a thing of the dry season just passed, last week, and particularly the weekend, was more than just a bit blowy.
One area where it really howled was Bynoe Harbour, and didn’t that make fishing interesting for competitors in round five of the Top End Barra Series, aka TEBS.
According to a TEBS organiser, Regis Martin: “Bynoe Harbour is very big, with many islands offering protection when the wind blows.
“Well windy it was, and the little islands... (more)

12th Sep 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 2/9/19

The NT’s premier women-only fishing competition was another ripper for the host Palmerston Game Fishing Club last weekend.
This was the annual Secret Women’s Business Barra Challenge, held over two days on beautiful Corroboree Billabong.
There were 41 teams of three or four anglers competing and, as always, they had to fend for themselves with no assistance from the hairy-arse brigade.
I reckon that’s the way it should be: if you are going to hold a female-only fishing competition,... (more)

5th Sep 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 5/9/19

Last weekend was a day to remember for a whole bunch of anglers who were part of the billfish action off Dundee Beach.
The number of billfish – sailfish in particular – sighted by the dozen or so boats working the area was the stuff of dreams.
In fact, it was right up there with the best sailfish action that you get off Broome WA, and that’s world class.
I’ve referred before to that excellent Facebook page Darwin Billfish Reports where anglers not only report their catches but... (more)

111 results
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