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8th Dec 16

Alex's Fishing Report 8 December 2016

Vale Stephen Sly

Last week we lost a Territory fisheries stalwart with the sudden passing of Steve Sly.
Steve was only 41 and he was both an angler and a Fisheries manager.
Although born and educated in the Territory, in recent times, he had been living with his parents in southern NSW.
There he had been waiting for a heart/lung transplant but sadly none turned up in time.
According to a memo sent around the Primary Industry and Resources Department’s CE, Alister Trier, “For those of you... (more)

1st Dec 16

Alex's Fishing Report 1 December 2016

There’ve been some nice big barra caught around the traps of late.
The biggest was a strapping, beautifully-conditioned 120cm fish which gave its captor, talented Darwin angler Stewie Martin, a hell of a tussle.
“I was with my mates Rolf Hallenstein and Darren Warway, trolling a Classic 160 3+ inside a small creek near the mouth of the South Alligator on the first of the incoming.” Stewie told me.
“There was bait everywhere, mainly popeye mullet coming in with the tide.
“The... (more)

24th Nov 16

Alex's Fishing Report 24 November 2016

I haven’t written about the weather for a while but it’s certainly clear that we are looking far better for a good wet season than we have been for the last couple of years.
The great build-up weather that the Bureau of Metreology predicted for September/October certainly happened.
It was a result of a negative Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD), which is a measurement of the difference between sea surface temperatures of the tropical western and eastern Indian Ocean.
According to the bureau, however,... (more)

17th Nov 16

Alex's Fishing Report 17 November 2016

With great weather, a red-hot new location and more enthusiasm from teams than you can poke a stick at, it’s no surprise that last week’s NT Billfish Classic was a resounding success.
For good reason, one person who was rapt was competition co-ordinator Peter Dienhoff.
“We had a cracker,” Peter said.
“We steamed up to Mesquite Shoal on the Saturday to have a fish on Sunday before the comp, catching four sails - three being a triple hook-up.
“So we thought this spot... (more)

10th Nov 16

Alex's Fishing Report 10 November 2016

I’ve written it up before but, for my money, there’s no better estuary barra tide than a making spring.
That’s exactly what we have this weekend and the beauty is that there is enough variance between Saturday’s and Sundays’s tides that several locations come into play.
On Saturday, the low tide is a nudge under 2 metres at 10.30am.
Coming off a 6.3m high tide, there is not a huge amount of movement, but enough to get the food chain activated.
One spot worth a shot on Saturday... (more)

116 results
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