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29th Aug 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 29/08/2019

It seems last week’s round 4 of the Top End Barra Series (TEBS) was anything but a walk in the park for most of the competitors.
This was the annual Darwin Harbour round, timed as it was for the beginning of the build-up season.
According to Regis Martin, who competed in the weekend competition, the barra were fickle and incredibly hard to entice.
“Our harbour is the largest in Australia and fish have plenty of places to seek refuge,” Regis said.
“Despite the large number of competitors... (more)

22nd Aug 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 22/8/19

The old adage “he was like a kid in a candy shop” certainly applied to me last week down at the annual Australian Fishing Trade Show on the Gold Coast.
This is the industry show where Australian fishing tackle manufacturers, importers and distributors set up elaborate stands to present their wares to fishing tackle retailers.
At each show, the retailers and fishing media – including yours truly – vote on various categories of fishing-related products and Best of Show awards are... (more)

14th Aug 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 14/8/19

After a dry season with favourable breezes for much of the time, we’ve had a fair bit of windy weather over the past month, and it’s only been getting stronger this past week.
It’s not only reduced the options for the smaller-tinny brigade but it’s also stopped the bigger trailer boats from heading offshore for full day trips.
Of course, as I’ve written many times, one of the great things about fishing in the Top End is that, when the winds are blowing, you can always go... (more)

8th Aug 19

Fishing with Alex Julius 8/08/2019

In Top End fishing circles, there’s been a fair bit of chat about sharks in recent times.
Many believe there are more sharks around now than ever before, and there has even been discussion about the risk of shark attack.
All of a sudden, our world-famous “legitimate” man-eater, the saltwater crocodile, is taking second fiddle.
Given the choice, I’d rather swim with a shark than a crocodile any day, and that includes big tiger sharks.
For the record, tiger sharks – and dozens... (more)

25th Jul 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 25/07/2019

Last week I made my annual pilgrimage to Four Mile Hole in Kakadu National Park.
I’ll get onto the fishing later in the column but firstly I wanted to report on something I found absolutely amazing: the almost total eradication of the noxious floating aquatic plant – salvinia.
Frankly, it blew me away; there were snags that we fished that for years you couldn’t get a lure to.
If you’re a regular reader of this column, then you’ll probably guess why the dreaded salvinia disappeared... (more)

111 results
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