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28th Mar 19

Fishing With Alex Julius


With Alex Julius

With a low pressure system potentially forming over the Arafura Sea early next week, the eyes of about 120 anglers competing in the Aurora Kakadu Klash later next week are well and truly focused on the weather charts.
The Klash commences next Thursday and there’s considerable uncertainty as to what impact the forming low might have.
According to the Bureau of Metreology, it will depend on if and where the low might form.
Currently, there’s a trough hugging the north... (more)

22nd Mar 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 22/3/2019

If you’re wondering when this year’s Amateur Fishermen’s Association NT (AFANT) annual general meeting will be held, I can tell you it won’t be on a Sunday morning at Tracy Village as it has been for the last couple of decades at least.
Instead, in a break from tradition, the AFANT committee is trying an evening time slot at a new venue: 7.00pm Thursday 28 March at the Darwin Trailer Boat Club, with registrations open from 6.00pm.
AFANT Executive Director, David Ciaravolo, said... (more)

14th Mar 19

Fishing with Alex Julius 14/3/19

It seems that everyone’s given up hope of getting any sort of a rain drenching before the official dry season.
However, it was interesting chatting with Ben Price from the Bureau of Metreology about our chances.
“There’s a weak trough in the southern part of the Banda Sea,” Ben said.
“There’s a bit of a low happening and we’ll see how it behaves.
“If it comes down, it will drag that monsoon with it over the Timor Sea, and maybe deliver monsoonal conditions... (more)

6th Mar 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 6/03/1219

Neap tides, calm waters and a great deal of angling enthusiasm combined to ensure last weekend’s opening round of the Top End Barra Series was an absolute ripper, especially for some bigger barra.
TEBS co-ordinator, Rossco Abraham, said this first round is known as the “Shady and Coastal Round”.
“Competitors were able to fish from Shady Camp to the sea, including along the coast between Marsh Creek and the Wildman River,” Rossco explained.
“For people with time restrictions,... (more)

1st Mar 19

Fishing with Alex Julius

I was chatting with a mate the other day who had just recently undertaken a trip going right down the South Alligator River, across to the East Alligator River and then right up the East.
He and his mates fished the whole way there and back, casting to anything that resembled a colour change or a likely barramundi ambush point.
Their catch was just one under-sized barra.
We’re talking pretty damn switched on barra fishos here.
It seemed the runoff that was happening in the East Alligator a couple... (more)

122 results
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