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11th Jul 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 11/07/19

It’s been a while between rounds but number three round of the Top End Barra Series (TEBS) took place last weekend.
The fishing grounds for this round were any Mary River billabong, so competitors had four to choose from: Mary River Bridge Lagoon, Hardies Lagoon, Corroboree Billabong and Shady Camp Freshwater Lagoon.
TEBS co-ordinator, Ross Abraham (Rossco), said great weather was predicted with light winds so the weekend looked good.
“Unfortunately, that was not so for most anglers,”... (more)

27th Jun 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 27/06/19

Talk about brass monkey weather this week – by golly it’s been cold.
I reckon Tuesday was the coldest, something that was quite noticeable given I was heading out to a favourite billabong an hour before first light.
With me was old mate Andreas Bischoff who was up here for last weekend’s 4WD Outdoors and Boating Show, supporting a team from MyCoolman portable fridges.
These schmick fridges are new in Australia and I reckon they’ll be a household name before you know it.
Also with... (more)

20th Jun 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 20/06/19

We’re sliding right into the neap tides this weekend, and this will provide the ideal opportunity to target bluewater fish.
Sunday is the pick simply because the offshore wind and wave forecasts are for milder conditions than on Saturday.
The tidal range will also be less on Sunday and both the daytime high and low tides are at respectable hours.
There are a huge number of blue-water options, including Kakadu; that is, as long as you’re prepared to belt down the South Alligator River to the... (more)

14th Jun 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 13/06/19

I find it difficult not to buy into the discussion on whether Darwin should have its own iconic “Big Thing” and, if so, what that should be.
To be frank, I’ve always thought we should have our own “Big Thing”, and you don’t have to be a quiz master to guess what I’m tipping.
I most definitely believe we should have a massive effigy of a barramundi in our CBD.
There are more than 150 “Big Things” around the country, but not a single one of them is... (more)

6th Jun 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 6/6/19

I’m in Cairns as you read this, fishing day trips with an old mate, Kim Andersen, at Copperlode Dam.
Copperlode is about 30 minutes out of Cairns, practically at the top of the nearest hinterland.
You reckon the mornings are cold in Darwin right now; I can tell you it’s brass monkey weather on the dam at first light.
Copperlode is where Queensland DPI Fisheries developed its highly-successful barramundi breeding and stocking project back in the 1980s; it is also Cairns’ principal water... (more)

111 results
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