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Alex's Fishing Report

You’d have to say that that was a Clayton’s monsoon that we just experienced.
It put a bit of rain about the place, raising the Daly River to a bit over 5m, but not really achieving what we want for the first monsoon of the year.
What’s with Broome anyway?
It never gets so much rain so early in the wet season; and now not one but two cyclones have formed around that Kimberley jewel.
The Bureau of Metreology told me what I really knew already: the wet season focus at the moment is the west Kimberley and it’s dragged our serious rain away.
There is still a monsoon to our north but it’s drifted even further north and we wait with bated breath for it to come back down.
In the meantime, you may as well enjoy the weather we’ve got and go fishing.
The chance of rain continues to ease compared with what we’ve had, with winds relatively light from the north.
I expect there’ll be plenty of boats on the water today and tomorrow, given the neap tide phase we are still in.
If you’re heading for Shady Camp, be aware that there’s not much flowing over the barrage, so you’ll need to launch within an hour of the top of the tide to make sure you don’t get stuck going down through the channel.
A good place to try this weekend is Leaders Creek. Low tide this morning will be about 10am at the mouth of Leaders.
Fish the western bank out from the mouth, trolling the first kilometre of creek back in as the tide rises.
Keep an eye on your sounder; if you see fish, you might like to chuck some softies at them.
The great barra pictured today was caught at the mouth of Leaders a couple of days before New Year on the last neaps.
Jason Bettles caught it on a 3 inch Zerek Flat Shad after trying all manner of soft and hard body lures.
His fishing partner Roger Sinclair did likewise, and the pair also caught a couple of threadfin salmon.
Jason hooked his 112cm barra casting under some branches and slow rolling the lure to the boat.
It certainly made his day.
Also worth a shot is the lower Adelaide River, and all those lovely creeks on the north-eastern shore going up from the mouth.
Of course, with winds predicted to be fairly gentle, you might already be out on the blue water, chasing up some pelagic or reef fishing action.
I heard a whisper that the Fenton Patches artificial reefs are fishing well for jew and snapper.
A change-of-tide session could well be shot tomorrow.

jason 112CM barra
1.    Jason Bettles fished the mouth of Leaders Creek with Roger Sinclair before New Year and landed this silver 112cm barra on a Zerek Flat Shad.

Brian White's mangove jack
2.    Brian White’s ripper mangrove jack came from a remote Arnhem Land creek.