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2nd Feb 17

Alex's Fishing Report 2 February 2017

You couldn’t write a better script for this wet season and the potential of a great runoff… especially after two abysmal Wets and “that sucks” runoffs.
Once again, my favourite Daly River is powering through the wet season and getting more than its fair share of deluge.
The last two major Daly floods were a bit late in the season and followed poor build-up rains.
This one’s different: there’ve been major falls right from early September and into October – barra... (more)

1st Feb 17


Join Alex Julius on a fabulous African Nile Perch Safari in August 2017
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1st Feb 17


The latest Issue No 32 of the Australian blockbuster fishing and outdoors magazine, NAFA, has Australia-wide fishing coverage, as well as a “flip-over” NAFA’S OUTDOORS magazine with its own cover.
NAFA is published only twice a year and represents great value at $19.95 for such a big, high-gloss fishing and outdoors magazine.
Publisher, Alex Julius, said: “The whole of Northern Australia is well covered with sport and reef fishing features from both North Queensland and WA, including... (more)

26th Jan 17

Alex's Fishing Report 26 January 2017

There’s been some terrific widespread rain over the last week and it’s done the trick for all our major tidal rivers.
I heard Magela Creek was 1.2m over the road early this week and all three Noulangie Creek causeways on the Kakadu road were flowing right up to the top of their banks.
So both the East Alligator and the South Alligator Rivers are rising, and that’s great news.
Perhaps the biggest news is what happened down from Shady Camp at the mouth of Sampan Creek on the Mary River... (more)

19th Jan 17

Alex's Fishing Report 19 January 2017

If there’s one thing that will get a kid to put his or her phone down for a minute, it’s a bent rod with a fish on the end of the line.
I’ve said and written many times before that fishing is one of the best activities that kids and teenagers can get into.
It teaches them all manner of skills, including such things as: problem solving, etiquette, perseverance, determination, observation, dexterity, ethics, endurance, muscle control, competitiveness, knife handling, hygienic food preparation,... (more)

109 results
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