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3rd Aug 17

Alex's Fishing Report 3 August 2017

It’s a cliché, I know, but when I attend the annual Australian Fishing Trade Show on the Gold Coast I am very much the proverbial “kid in the candy shop”.
This year has been no different, except perhaps that there was even more candy for Top End anglers than in previous years.
In the lure department, it was mainly about soft plastics, and one in particular was mesmerising: River2Sea’s Chasebaits Smash Squid.
I watched it being worked up and down in a vertical fish tank... (more)

27th Jul 17

Alex's Fishing Report 27 July 2017

This year seems to be the year of phenomena in respect of the Top End fishing scene.
First, we’ve experienced – and continue to experience – perhaps the biggest recruitment of juvenile barramundi in living memory.
Every river and every billabong across the Top End seems to be chockers with baby barra which came from the spawning run of late 2016 and thrived in the subsequent long and major wet season.
Last week I wrote about the tens and tens of thousands of puppy dog barra at Four... (more)

13th Jul 17

Alex's Fishing Report 13 July 2017

There’s been some great billfish action wide of Dundee of late.
The Dundee billfish grounds were first discovered in the early 1980s by members of the then fledgling Darwin Game Fishing Club.
Of course, in those days, there was no Dundee Beach; that name came from the extensive subdivision and development of the old Finniss River Station.
We used to refer to the billfish grounds as simply “wide of Point Blaze”.
However, it wasn’t until the last decade that the area has really blossomed... (more)

6th Jul 17

Alex's Fishing Report 6 July 2017

It was almost 12 months ago to the day that I wrote in this column:
“Four Mile Hole in Kakadu National Park will not be opened this year due to massive infestation with the floating aquatic weed: salvinia.
“Apparently, 95% of this iconic lagoon is covered; and although the closure is deemed temporary, don’t hold your breath waiting for it to reopen.”
Four Mile Hole is a very special lagoon on the Wildman River system, and I first brought attention to the pending salvinia infestation... (more)

29th Jun 17

Alex's Fishing Report 29 June 2017

If you want to be reminded just how great the wet season was, just go fishing on any of our big rivers or freshwater lagoons.
Without exception it seems, all these systems are chockers with baby barra, or “rats” as they are often referred to.
What has happened is an outstanding example of all the ducks lining up in a row to create a super recruitment of juvenile barra into our Top End waterways.
It all started last September when we had great early build-up rains.
September is generally regarded... (more)

117 results
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