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27th Apr 17

Alex's Fishing Report 27 April 2017

Just how many moods does the Top End’s iconic Daly River have?
I’ve been fishing the Daly since 1979, often in the early days for 10 or more extended trips in one year.
I’ve been down there in picture-perfect runoff conditions with squillions of barra fighting over your lures at the feeder creek mouths.
I’ve been down there in chilly dry season conditions with water temperatures at 22 degrees, a fog along much of the river, big bad salties sunning on the sand-bars, and the water... (more)

20th Apr 17

Alex's Fishing Report 20 April 2017

The iconic Club Marine Insurance Barra Nationals gets under way on tomorrow when 62 teams of three hit the water for the official Orientation Day, followed by five full days of competition.
Hosted by the Palmerston Game Fishing Club, this will be the 22nd annual Barra Nationals, and once again it will be held on the treacherous yet beautiful Daly River.
As always, the venue will be the Daly River Banyan Farm which is operated by Wally and Kerry Draper.
I’ve fished the Daly three times over the... (more)

13th Apr 17

Alex's Fishing Report 13 April 2017

Last week’s annual Aurora Kakadu Klash surprised a few competitors with the sheer number and size of barra in the river.
There were six barra over a metre caught and quite a few more in the 90s hit the deck in the three days of competition.
Two of those metreys were landed by Team Tackle World Revos, skippered by “Mr Ever Consistent”, Shane Compain.
This was the fourth time Shane has captained the winning team in the Aurora Kakadu Klash, and this year his team amassed a whopping 287... (more)

6th Apr 17

Alex's Fishing Report 6 April 2017

We are about to find out exactly how good the fishing is at the South Alligator River.
The reason is that the annual Aurora Kakadu Klash kicks off today, and no less than 40 teams will be plying the big river’s waters for three full days.
This is the first barramundi tournament of the Territory Grand Slam and, for many, it is their favourite.
The other two big ones are the Barra Nationals and the Barra Classic, and these are held over five days of competition with points awarded for all barra caught,... (more)

30th Mar 17

Alex's Fishing Report 30 March 2017

It didn’t surprise me that the majority of anglers did it tough during the first round of the Top End Barra Series (TEBS) held last weekend from Shady Camp.
I was there last Thursday with Brad Woollams and Rocky Edwards, and it was a slow day for us, and for many others we spoke to.
We were one of a few boats with just one barra, whilst most others had zilch.
According to TEBS co-ordinator, Ross Abraham, competitors could fish the Mary River system through to the coast and from Marsh Creek to the... (more)

104 results
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