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23rd Jan 20

Alex's Fishing Column 23 January 2020

It sure looks like we’re finally getting a proper wet season.
According to the Bureau of Metreology, by Saturday most of the Top End will be getting solid rain.
Apparently the Daly has been getting a deluge and, with low pressure systems moving in from east and west, there could be some serious flooding on this iconic Top End river.
Of course, that’s what we want: lots of flooding but not enough to cause an evacuation.
Out at Kakadu, there’s been less rain, but that is forecast to change... (more)

17th Jan 20

Alex's Fishing Column 16 January 2020

We just can’t seem to get the monsoonal downpours happening in a way that give us the best prospects of a great widespread Runoff.
The tropical low shot through across the Top End like a scalded cat, dropping a bit here and a bit there, but only two locations copped a fair dinkum deluge.
One was Dum In Mirrie Island north of Dundee Beach where 562mm of rain was recorded in a 24-hour period.
That actually created a new NT record.
The other was Wagait Beach which recorded 515.2mm of rain.
At least... (more)

10th Jan 20

Alex's Fishing Column 9 January 2020

Better late than never, it now looks like we are going to get a wet season after all.
The impending Cyclone Claudia is wandering on a path through Arnhem Land and across the Top End.
Hopefully it will leave a significant rain shadow and dump big volumes of rain on all our major river floodplains.
May no mistake that we need a good wet season, especially to make up for the lousy one last year.
Coinciding with the Million Dollar Fish Season 5 campaign, it would definitely boost fishing tourism numbers for... (more)

3rd Jan 20

Alex's Fishing Column 2 January 2020

It’s not so bad that the New Year is kicking off with a terrific set of neap tides.
Most of you will be back at work today, so let’s check out the options for this weekend.
Saturday is a three-tide day with the least tidal movement of any days during these neaps.
On the barra scene, a dawn start at Leaders Creek might pay off for a quality barra or two.
Low tide in Darwin Harbour is at 6.33am, but you can add nearly an hour to that for the mouth of Leaders, so you should be able to fish across... (more)

26th Dec 19

Alex's Fishing Column 26 December 2019

Unbelievably, Darwin’s four brand-new artificial reefs are already producing fish.
I’ve heard reports of big bait balls hanging around the reefs, jewfish and other reef fish being caught and mackerel swimming about above the reefs.
The four reef complexes are comprised of 116 purpose-built artificial reef modules which were deployed early this month: two between North Gutter and Lee Point; one between the Vernon Islands and Cape Hotham; and one in the Dundee Region.
This significant project... (more)

104 results
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