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19th Jan 17

Alex's Fishing Report 19 January 2017

If there’s one thing that will get a kid to put his or her phone down for a minute, it’s a bent rod with a fish on the end of the line.
I’ve said and written many times before that fishing is one of the best activities that kids and teenagers can get into.
It teaches them all manner of skills, including such things as: problem solving, etiquette, perseverance, determination, observation, dexterity, ethics, endurance, muscle control, competitiveness, knife handling, hygienic food preparation,... (more)

12th Jan 17

Alex's Fishing Report 12 January 2017

It looks like it’s time to get all fired up again about chasing one of those lucrative red-tagged barra.
I find it interesting that there were six $10,000 fish caught in the first fortnight of the Million Dollar Fish (MDF) campaign last October, and then not one more until last weekend when Benjamin Kaart bagged his cash fish in Darwin River.
Maybe these tagged fish have some sort of mental telepathic thing happening because no sooner had one been caught than another jumped on a line down the... (more)

5th Jan 17

Alex's Fishing Report 5 January 2017

I can’t tell you if these were the biggest barra caught in the Top End during the last week or so of 2016, but 109cm, 114cm, 117cm and 127cm must surely rattle the tin.
It was Thursday 22 December when I received a text from old mate George Voukolos Junior.
On that day, he fished land-based at the mouth of Bamboo Creek on the Daly River and landed more than 40 barra, including a 117cm fish and a massive 127cm barra.
Really, it’s not surprising as Georgie catches 30 to 40 metreys every year,... (more)

15th Dec 16

Alex's Fishing Report 15 December 2016

It looks like forecasts from the Bureau of Metreology reported in this column at least a month ago are spot on: the first monsoon of the Top End wet season will arrive during the fortnight of Christmas; ie the week before or the week after.
The most-likely scenario now is that the monsoon will descend across the Top End by next Thursday.
There is also a strong chance of a cyclone forming north of the Top End and heading down past the Tiwi lslands west coast and then pretty close to Darwin.
A great Facebook... (more)

8th Dec 16

Alex's Fishing Report 8 December 2016

Vale Stephen Sly

Last week we lost a Territory fisheries stalwart with the sudden passing of Steve Sly.
Steve was only 41 and he was both an angler and a Fisheries manager.
Although born and educated in the Territory, in recent times, he had been living with his parents in southern NSW.
There he had been waiting for a heart/lung transplant but sadly none turned up in time.
According to a memo sent around the Primary Industry and Resources Department’s CE, Alister Trier, “For those of you... (more)

116 results
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