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9th Jun 16

Alex's Fishing Report 9 June 2016

Last weekend’s round three of the 2016 Top End Barra Series (TEBS) was a punt that paid off.
TEBS Co-ordinator, Glenn Dinwoodie, said: “We planned for this event back in July 2015 and we were thinking that competitors may have been faced with cooler water temperatures and gusty conditions, although nothing could have been further from the truth.”
“The weekend was hot and sweaty, with glassy conditions where anglers could comfortably sight fish on the flats for a large part of... (more)

2nd Jun 16

Alex's Fishing Report 2 June 2016

After a pretty ordinary wet season and a well-less-than-average run-off, could it be that we are finally getting a more-normal dry season?
Thanks to a high pressure system floating across the Great Australian Bight, the easterlies have started, so that does point to a critical feature of any Top End dry season.
But then, how do you account for the regular nightly rainfall we experienced of late; or the sticky, mildly-hot daytime temperatures also of late?
It’s certainly been a weird first half... (more)

26th May 16

Alex's Fishing Report 26 May 2016

For the fourth time in five successive Barra Classics, Team Top End Tackle World has triumphed.
In a grinding test of endurance on the water, competing on a Daly River that was in shut-down mode for the duration of the tournament, Shane Compain, his dad Steve Compain and Terry Ryan fired out thousands of casts to win the 2016 Classic.
After the first day, they were coming second to Team Taking A Punt, but then led to the end.
“We would have only spent an hour trolling,” Steve told me.
“Our... (more)

19th May 16

Alex's Fishing Report 19 May 2016

The Barra Classic is on down the Daly River this week but, a week before that, the Daly was the venue for the second round of the Top End Barra Series (TEBS).
TEBS co-ordinator, Glenn Dinwoodie, reported that the Daly River continued to defy its normal early-dry-season conditions.
“The weather was indicative of the Top End’s wet season; with tropical storms rolling in both Saturday and Sunday, and big cracks of thunder and lightning echoing along the river at night,” Glenn said.
“Fortunately,... (more)

12th May 16

Alex's Fishing Report 12 May 2016

Although the NT has by far the best wild barra fishing in Australia, occasionally, just across the way on the eastern side of the Gulf of Carpentaria, a Godzilla barra gets caught.
One bloke who know knows all about that is Pat Levy.
A couple of years ago, Pat pulled a magnificent 130cm barra from a local system around Karumba.
Well, last week he did it again with the capture of a humungous 138cm barra fishing the same area.
“I was fishing with Groover, a local guide, and we were trolling when I... (more)

114 results
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