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22nd Sep 16

Alex's Fishing Report 22 September 2016

I understand some local tackle shop owners are busily loading up their lure walls while kicking a rhythmic instep and whistling as they dance.
Likewise, professional barra guides and fishing lodge operators are clinking amber-foaming glasses and saluting the unseasonal arrival of truly-incredible rainfall across the Top End.
Yes indeed, the skies have literally fallen down over the past week in what has been a torrential start to the annual build-up season.
An example from just the period spanning Sunday... (more)

15th Sep 16

Alex's Fishing Report 15 September 2016

It was good news that Palmerston Game Fishing Club’s tenth annual Secret Women’s Business Barra Challenge (SWB) produced the best result that it has in years.
Once again, it was held from the convenient Corroboree Park Tavern on the Arnhem Highway and just a short drive to Corroboree.
In some ways, the quality of fishing was a surprise and, in other ways, it was no surprise at all.
Following successive bad wet seasons, the big lagoon has been under constant intrusion from lilies and other... (more)

8th Sep 16

Alex's Fishing Report 8 September 2016

The competition scene fires up big time this weekend.
Firstly, Palmerston Game Fishing Club’s Secret Women’s Business Barra Challenge celebrates its 10th anniversary.
Once again it will be held at Corroboree Lagoon with the Corroboree Park Tavern as the official venue.
The SWB, as it has come to be known, runs over Friday and Saturday this week.
Unlike other all-female tournaments, competitors cannot enlist support from male boat drivers and teams must be totally self-sufficient.
It won’t... (more)

1st Sep 16

Alex's Fishing Report 1 September 2016

Some life has been breathed into the Top End fishing scene, and it’s happened both on inland freshwater and Darwin coastal waters.
Some great news is that Corroboree Lagoon is actually fishing quite well for quality barra.
Roger Sinclair has been spending some time plying the waters of this iconic lagoon, and has been catching fish on every trip.
“I’ve found trolling weedless ZMan Swimmerz in the four inch size to be particularly effective,” Roger told me.
“But you have to... (more)

25th Aug 16

Alex's Fishing Report 25 August 2016

One thing that the Top End Barra Series (TEBS) does whenever one of its six annual rounds is held on a Top End waterway is provide up-to-date information on the quality of fishing at the chosen location.
TEBS round four was no different and has provided a great insight into the quality of barra fishing at the iconic Corroboree Lagoon.
The round was held on all Mary River billabongs – ie Corroboree, Hardies, Shady freshwater and Mary River Bridge Lagoon – but the vast majority of competitors... (more)

121 results
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