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24th Mar 16

Alex's Fishing Report 24 March 2016

This time next week, 40 teams will be competing on the first day of the annual Aurora Kakadu Klash on the South Alligator River.
This tournament is different to the other two big barra competitions, the Barra Nationals and the Barra Classic, because, whereas they award points according to the length of each and every fish caught, the Kakadu Klash only recognises the biggest fish caught by a team on each of the three days of competition.
In other words, no matter how many barra are caught by any given... (more)

17th Mar 16

Alex's Fishing Report 17 March 2016

Fingers Crossed for Lots of Rain

Just when you thought the wet season was down and out for the count, along comes a modest monsoonal flow that throws some water across our big river floodplains.
There haven’t been heaps of rain out there where we need it – on the Alligator Rivers, for example – but some reasonable falls have occurred.
On Tuesday, I was chatting to Janette Hamilton, the Manager out at Aurora Kakadu, about conditions for the annual Aurora Kakadu Klash which commences... (more)

10th Mar 16

Alex's Fishing Report 10 March 2016

Given the state of this year’s wet season – or non-wet season – it was a pleasant surprise to receive the results of the first round of the Top End Barra Series (TEBS) which was held on the Mary River system and along the coast to Wildman River last weekend.
You can always expect a big turn-out for this inaugural TEBS round, so 130 competitors in more than 60 boats hardly turned a head.
TEBS coordinator, Glenn Dinwoodie, was over the moon: “Shady just keeps on producing, and... (more)

3rd Mar 16

Alex's Fishing Report 3 March 2016

A couple of days spent down at the Daly River Barra Resort last week was time well spent.
With me were Steve Sarev and George Moussa, and yes, we too were gunning for a Million Dollar Fish.
That didn’t happen, but it was great to get a good look at the river for the first time this year.
The Daly has been going up and down like a yo-yo this last couple of months, and there haven’t been any first-class fishing reports to write home about, or at least to write about in this column.
The mid-week... (more)

25th Feb 16

Alex's Fishing Report 25 February 2016

As you read this, I’ll be spending my second day down the Daly River, lodged at the delightful Daly River Barra Resort.
It’s one of many great places to stay on the Daly; in fact, they’re all good really, and generally owned and operated by salt-of-the-earth types who are always up for a yarn and happy to help you out any way they can.
This trip was booked in at least six weeks ago; my crew of Steve Sarev and George Mousa should make it a lot of fun.
As you can imagine, I have been... (more)

109 results
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