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18th Aug 16

Alex's Fishing Report 18 August 2016

This week I’m giving you a heads up on the 29th Humminbird Corroboree Park Challenge which is scheduled for 21-23 October.
Hosted by the Palmerston Game Fishing Club, this is the 29th anniversary of this iconic family fishing competition which is open to the general public.
The fishing grounds are all waterways east of Corroboree Park Tavern, including all Kakadu billabongs, that are open to the public and do not require a permit to enter.
As always, the winner will be the angler who catches the... (more)

11th Aug 16

Alex's Fishing Report 11 August 2016

If it’s clear water you’re after this weekend – be it in the estuaries of offshore – then you’ll certainly get it thanks to the dead neap tides that will be happening both days.
Winds offshore won’t be too bad – mainly easterlies around 15-20km/h – so trailer boats of 5m or longer should have no difficulties.
There are plenty of options for offshore fishing this weekend too.
Similar tides a fortnight ago produced good reef fish out wide at South Gutter... (more)

4th Aug 16

Alex's Fishing Report 4 August 2016

It was almost a surprise earlier-to-mid this week to have such strong winds, and it’s the reason why temperatures have finally dropped to more-normal dry season levels.
Mainly for the dry season so far, winds have not been a big issue for those heading offshore from Darwin.
And it’s heading that way again this weekend, with light winds predicted for both Saturday and Sunday.
It means you’ll be able to travel some distance in your typical 5m-plus trailer boat and hopefully get stuck... (more)

28th Jul 16

Alex's Fishing Report 28 July 2016

I’m filing my column this week from the Australian Fishing Trade Show which is held each year on the Gold Coast.
Talk about a kid in a lolly shop – three days is nowhere near long enough to get around all the stands and check out the mind-boggling array of rods, reels, lines, lures and all manner of fishing paraphernalia.
As always, there was so much new gear on offer that will appeal to Territory anglers.
Check out these products I photographed, some of which won their category in the Best... (more)

21st Jul 16

Alex's Fishing Report 21 July 2016

Most barra anglers would be familiar with the term “boof”.
It’s vernacular for the noise made by a barra feeding on the surface.
Basically, a barra takes a small fish or crustacean, or tadpole for that matter, by imploding a mouthful of water that includes its prey, and shutting its mouth at the same time as the water is pushed out though its gill covers.
Depending on how big the barra is, the noise can be surprisingly loud.
It’s a bit like the noise made when a one smacks... (more)

121 results
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