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11th Feb 16

Alex's Fishing Report 11 February 2016

If the Law of Averages has any sway at all, the odds of the actual Million Dollar Fish being caught is now shorter than it’s ever been.
After Shaymus Frewen caught the eighth tagged barra worth $10,000 last Sunday, and with now only 67 similar-tagged fish and the sole seven-figure fish still at liberty, don’t be surprised if the big bucks go off.
I find it strange to write “don’t be surprised” because I’m still mightily surprised that so many of these tagged barra... (more)

11th Feb 16


The Territory-produced National Australian Fishing Annual (NAFA) is celebrating its 30th Anniversary with the latest blockbuster NAFA 30.

Although very much a national magazine full of fabulous fishing and outdoors adventure, as always there is a huge NT section with 70 pages devoted totally to Top End fishing, as well as Territory-specific boat and 4WD reviews, and Top End travel.

To help celebrate this special anniversary issue, each magazine comes with a $20.00 tackle voucher redeemable at any... (more)

4th Feb 16

Alex's Fishing Report 4 February 2016

Gearing up for barra to bite

Last week, Top End anglers received the best clue yet to the Daly River firing up for certain this run-off.
Old mate George Voukolos Junior rang me to tell me that the mighty Daly is chockers with cherabin from one bank to the other.
George fishes the Daly land-based and year-in-year-out catches more metre barra than anyone else in the NT.
“You should have seen it Alex; 100s of cherabin were crawling out of the water and some were a foot long,” George told me.... (more)

118 results
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