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19th Dec 19

Alex's Fishing Column 19 December 2019

In what is wonderful news for the Top End angling community, it’s now official that the iconic Kakadu Klash barra tournament will be on again next year.
This famous event has been taking place for nearly 30 years and is the first leg of the trifecta of big barra tournaments – the others being the Barra Nationals and the Barra Classic.
The apparent end of the Klash was tied in with the closure of Aurora Kakadu Resort a few months ago.
The old pub ran the tournament, so no pub, no Kakadu Klash.... (more)

12th Dec 19

Alex's Fishing Column 12 December 2019

It was a sad loss to the Northern Territory and in particular the Top End angling community last week with the passing of Garry Simpson.

Known to his friends and associates as “Big Foot”, the words “larger than life” only just begin to describe this true Darwin legend.

I first met Garry in 1982 not long after he arrived in Darwin with his partner Julie Mallise.
Like so many of us back then, we were lured to the Top End by the fishing, and in Big Foot’s case it was not... (more)

5th Dec 19

Alex's Fishing Column 5 December 2019

Today is a three-tide day and, as always seems to be the case on these occasions, there are two low tides and one high tide, and there’s hardly a metre difference between top and low.
These tides are basically in the middle of an average phase of neap tides, and this weekend the tides are still very much neaps.

Depending on where you are fishing, if barramundi is the target, tides like this can be either great or ordinary.

In Darwin Harbour, for example, catching a barra will be tough; harbour... (more)

28th Nov 19

Alex's Fishing Column 28 November 2019

It seems weird to be writing that I just returned from a barra fishing trip in PNG.
I mean, why would you fly to Cairns, then fly to Port Moresby in PNG, and then drive for several hours over the worst road I’ve ever been on?

Ostensibly, this was supposed to be a black bass trip, but our destination – Terapo Lodge – is better known for the number and size of big barra it produces.

Catches of 130cm-plus barra are quite the norm when the estuary maze accessed by Sport Fishing PNG from... (more)

21st Nov 19

Alex's Fishing Column 21 November 2019

I do fancy the tides this weekend for a shot at a quality saltwater barra or two.
For starters, you could certainly do worse than plan a foray to one of the many great spots in the Shoal Bay system.
There’ve been plenty of reports of quality barra from the famous Shoal Bay Rock.
However, the huge sandbar that has formed in recent years and nearly reaches the base of The Rock has altered how this iconic spot fishes.
In the old days, it fished well for barra for the last half of the falling tide and... (more)

104 results
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