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2nd Mar 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

All you can say about how the fishing went last weekend and since is that it was a very mixed bag indeed.
Every accessible big river was slammed by dozens and dozens of boats.
I checked out Shady Camp on Saturday and was surprised that there were hardly 50 rigs in the car-parks.
That’s probably because of all the publicity about bogged 4WDs at the start of the unsealed section.
We can thank the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics for getting in last Friday and today a great temporary... (more)

23rd Feb 18

35th Anniversary Fishing With Alex Julius

It’s an old cliché, but I can’t believe I’m sitting here now, writing about three and a half decades of contributing this fishing column, when I can still remember clearly typing the very first one in February 1983.
I suppose, when you reflect on how the Territory recreational fishing scene has evolved since the early 1980s, it becomes easier to comprehend the passing of the years.
Back then in mid-February, I’d be monitoring the wet season and, in particular, my favourite... (more)

16th Feb 18

FISHING With Alex Julius


With Alex Julius

I can remember a time when hardly anyone went barra fishing until the wet season was over, the skies were blue and the rivers were dropping fast.
Back then, that time was called post-wet-season fishing, but has since become known as The Runoff.
How different is it nowadays when anglers are out chasing some runoff fishing practically in the middle of the first burst of monsoonal deluge?
For Darwin anglers, it’s been happening since last week when, firstly, keen fishos descended... (more)

9th Feb 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

With more heavy rain forecast across the Top End, the odds of the Arnhem Highway reopening by the weekend is problematic to say the least.
According to the Bureau of Metreology, the monsoonal trough is pushing back north and
storms may bring heavy rainfall to some locations.
If the Arnhem Highway at Scotts Creek is one of those locations, you can forget about towing your boat east to potentially fertile barra grounds.
But miracles can happen and, if there is no significant rain on the edges of the Adelaide... (more)

5th Feb 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

There’s nothing like a good wet season to stimulate conversation amongst anglers, so you can imagine the banter going on at the moment following the wettest January rainfall across the Top End since 1904.
I was at an all-blokes luncheon on Thursday at the Cav and for a while there everyone was talking about various flood events they’d heard about.
One beauty was that, if you could get to the Mary River on the Arnhem Highway, and you didn’t know better, you wouldn’t know there... (more)

125 results
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