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8th May 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 8/5/2019

Judging by how tough the fishing was on the Daly River for competitors in the annual NT Barra Classic last week, it’s a fair bet that next week’s Club Marine Insurance Barra Nationals will see more of the same.
What unfolded down the river was not really a surprise.
For months now we’ve all been talking about the poor wet season and lack of runoff.
The Daly River suffered more than most in that regard, and competitors last week were faced with changing conditions and very few fish caught.... (more)

30th Apr 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 30/04/2019

As you read this, the NT Barra Classic will be well under way.
Yesterday was the first day of competition and it will be interesting to see how the boats fared with the low-river conditions.
Old mate and top fishing guide Stuey Brisbane from Daly River Barra Resort said the river was as low as it gets at the end of the dry season.
“The rock-bar on the bend above the main rock-bar on the Golden Mile is just about out of the water,” Stuey told me.
“You can’t fish over the top of... (more)

26th Apr 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 26/04/19

You could do worse than spend Easter at Seven Spirit Bay Wilderness Lodge.
It’s on the western side of Port Essington in the Garig Gunat Barlu National Park, Cobourg Peninsula.
You get there via a 40-minute charter flight almost due north of Darwin.
Seven Spirit Bay is possibly the most-upmarket resort in North Australia, which is not surprising considering the mega-dollar facelift it received by its latest owners: Outback Spirit Tours.
I’ve been there several times since it was built nearly... (more)

19th Apr 19

Fishing With Alex Julius

Easter is here, and the Easter Bunny has brought anglers excellent fishing conditions to help us enjoy our extra-long weekend.
Big spring tides offer plenty of opportunities no matter what style of fishing you favour.
Out on the blue water, Fenton Patches and South Gutter have all produced quality fish; bottom bouncers report coral trout, golden snapper and jewies on the chew.
With bigger tidal movements this Easter, aim to fish around the turn of the tide so it is easier to get a bait or lure down to... (more)

15th Apr 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 15/04/19

The only real expectation for this year’s Aurora Kakadu Klash was that the fishing would be tough.
After all, we’ve just had one of the lousiest wet seasons on record, and reports from the iconic South Alligator River were all negative, including that there was bugger-all runoff happening.
My information gleaned before this great Territory tournament got under way was that fishing downriver at competition-winning spots like Brooke Creek, The Rookery and Six Pack would be a complete waste... (more)

116 results
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