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16th Aug 18

Alex's Fishing Report 16 August 2018

This last week has been an interesting exercise for me as I was able to fish for barra in both salt water and freshwater.
Three days staying at the delightful Crab Claw Island Resort in Bynoe Harbour gave me the opportunity to try a number of different locations on changing sets of tides.
Early-to-mid August is never the best time of year to chase barra in the salt or the fresh but, as I always advocate, they still have to eat.
My Bynoe Harbour stint coincided with the tides moving from late neaps to... (more)

1st Aug 18

NAFA 35 is now on sale Australia-wide

The blockbuster NAFA 35 is now on sale Australia-wide. Perhaps our best issue ever,


This blockbuster edition features talented Top End angler, Crystal Neal, on the cover with a big Nourlangie Creek Rock-bar barra, a huge NT Section and just amazing features and images all the way through from all of this great fishing country. Flip it over and there’s another mag: NAFA’s OUTDOORS 4WD Travel & Hunting. This great mag is in newsagents Aus-wide and... (more)

27th Jul 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

I’m just back from a fabulous PNG fishing trip aboard the luxury mothership K20.
There were nine of us and we fished the Fly River, starting practically on the border of Irian Jaya.
Everything went like clockwork, and the fishing was pretty damn good.
We caught about an equal number of black bass and barra (nearly 300), although everyone got dusted many times by brutal big bass in the snags. But plenty of great ones were still landed.
The size of the barra surprised me: the majority were high 80s... (more)

21st Jan 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

Not before time, we’re starting to get more serious rainfall.
According to Angline Prasad from the Bureau of Metreology, a weak monsoon has moved onto the north coast, mainly central north coast and across to the east.
However, as it drops down over the Top End, it is likely to extend to the west coast.
“It’s not very strong, not an active monsoon, so we don’t expect any monsoonal squalls in the short term,” Angline said.
Apparently, coastal areas will see the heaviest falls,... (more)

15th Jan 18

Alex's Fishing Report

You’d have to say that that was a Clayton’s monsoon that we just experienced.
It put a bit of rain about the place, raising the Daly River to a bit over 5m, but not really achieving what we want for the first monsoon of the year.
What’s with Broome anyway?
It never gets so much rain so early in the wet season; and now not one but two cyclones have formed around that Kimberley jewel.
The Bureau of Metreology told me what I really knew already: the wet season focus at the moment is the... (more)

117 results
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