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28th Jan 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

It’s now a no brainer that we will have a good wet season and great Runoff fishing.
This monsoon we have been experiencing is widespread and relentless; it has been dropping millions and millions of litres of water across the Top End.
Luckily, there hasn’t been a sneaky low to the west or the east which would have sucked this monsoon away like a magnet sucks up a pile of paperclips.
Mid-week the Mary River was up to the bottom of the tables at the Mary River Bridge lagoon.
Unfortunately, the... (more)

21st Jan 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

Not before time, we’re starting to get more serious rainfall.
According to Angline Prasad from the Bureau of Metreology, a weak monsoon has moved onto the north coast, mainly central north coast and across to the east.
However, as it drops down over the Top End, it is likely to extend to the west coast.
“It’s not very strong, not an active monsoon, so we don’t expect any monsoonal squalls in the short term,” Angline said.
Apparently, coastal areas will see the heaviest falls,... (more)

15th Jan 18

Alex's Fishing Report

You’d have to say that that was a Clayton’s monsoon that we just experienced.
It put a bit of rain about the place, raising the Daly River to a bit over 5m, but not really achieving what we want for the first monsoon of the year.
What’s with Broome anyway?
It never gets so much rain so early in the wet season; and now not one but two cyclones have formed around that Kimberley jewel.
The Bureau of Metreology told me what I really knew already: the wet season focus at the moment is the... (more)

7th Jan 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

As forecast last week, the run up to New Year and just after was all about calm days on the water without any serious, widespread rainfall.
Unfortunately, now it even it looks like we are going to get a late start to the northern wet season.
This is despite Cyclone Hilda giving Broome and places nearby a thorough drenching a few days after Christmas.
There’s quite a bit of information on the BOM website, but mostly it’s about a late start to our Top End wet season.
One bright note is a forecast... (more)

2nd Jan 18

FISHING With Alex Julius

I spent Christmas with friends in Broome WA, and I left them last Wednesday afternoon to enjoy a good start to their wet season.
It was such a good start that I was lucky to get out; that’s because a cyclone formed practically over the top of Broome.
It was just a tad to the north, descending on the famous pearling town just as my plane took off, the last plane to take off or land that day as the airport was closed once we were away.
Normally, a cyclone coming that close to a town is not good news,... (more)

125 results
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