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24th Aug 17

Alex's Fishing Report 24 August 2017

We’ve had a fair bit of windy weather so far this dry season; not enough to stop the bigger trailer boats from heading offshore but certainly reducing the options for the smaller-tinny brigade.
Of course, one of the great things about fishing in the Top End is that, when the winds are blowing, you can always go chase a barra.
When the tides suit, saltwater estuaries like those in Darwin Harbour and Bynoe Harbour offer plenty of opportunities to chase barra in wind-free spots.
Darwin Harbour, in... (more)

17th Aug 17

Alex's Fishing Report 17 August 2017

Can you imagine the result if a billfish tournament had been held down at Dundee at some time in the last couple of months?
I stand to be corrected, but I think the most number of billfish ever caught in a Darwin billfish tournament was 22 over three days, and that was last November in the Billfish Classic.
I reckon there would have been at least 10 times that amount tagged and released if a tournament had been held in June or July.
I wrote recently about the phenomenon that has been taking place wide... (more)

10th Aug 17

Alex's Fishing Report 10 August 2017

Fishing tourism in the Top End is set to get another great boost with the commencement of Million Dollar Fish season three.
Registrations opened on 14 July but the actual fishing competition doesn’t commence until 1 October and continues until 28 February next year.
As with last season, there will be 100 barra tagged which will each be worth $10,000 if and when recaptured and one fish carrying a red tag that will be worth a cool million dollars in cash.
The five NT regions included in the competition... (more)

3rd Aug 17

Alex's Fishing Report 3 August 2017

It’s a cliché, I know, but when I attend the annual Australian Fishing Trade Show on the Gold Coast I am very much the proverbial “kid in the candy shop”.
This year has been no different, except perhaps that there was even more candy for Top End anglers than in previous years.
In the lure department, it was mainly about soft plastics, and one in particular was mesmerising: River2Sea’s Chasebaits Smash Squid.
I watched it being worked up and down in a vertical fish tank... (more)

27th Jul 17


The next NAFA No 33 is now on sale and has a dedicated 87 page Fishing Territory section, an increase of more than 50% on previous issues.

This includes a feature on multi-barra-tournament Champion Angler, Shane Compain, who reveals the secrets to his barra fishing success. There is even more NT content in the major Boating Section and in the flip-over NAFA’s OUTDOORS 4WD Travel & Hunting magazine.

At a whopping 256 pages, NAFA is 32 pages bigger than previous issues, and still only $19.95.... (more)

114 results
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