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31st Jan 19

FISHING With Alex Julius 31/01/2019

If there’s one pair of anglers who know how to catch barra, it’s the father-and-son team known as The Dickos.
Michael Dickinson – aka Dicko –  has been catching lots of barra, and plenty of big ones, for at least the last 25 years that I can remember.
He’s a competitive bugger too; there’s not a barra tournament goes by that he’s not competing in.
He’s won his share too, including the Aurora Kakadu Klash as a team and the Club Marine Barra Nationals... (more)

25th Jan 19

Alex's Fishing Report 25/1/19

There’s no choice but to talk about the weather this week; that’s because finally we’re getting some.
It’s only a weak monsoon trough, but it is a monsoon at last.
According to Bureau of Metreology (BOM) records, the latest onset of the monsoon over Darwin was 25 January 1973, so we were just two days off matching that and three days from beating it.
As of yesterday, the current weak monsoon was sitting right over Darwin, but the main stream is running right across the north coast,... (more)

16th Jan 19

FISHING With Alex Julius

I’m not going to bang on about the weather – or lack of a wet season – this week, except that it’s not looking good.
According to the Bureau of Metreology, the North Australia Monsoon is not expected for at least another week.
Basically, you can plan to go fishing this weekend.
On a different note, let me tell you about the best fishing trip I had last year.
It was to PNG where, after half a dozen trips, I hadn’t been back there for 14 years.
With one exception, the previous... (more)

12th Jan 19

FISHING With Alex Julius

It’s good to see another BetEasy red tag go off in the current Season 4 of Million Dollar Fish (MDF).
Once again, the fish worth $10,000 was caught by a local angler: Travis Stevens.
It’s amazing that during the nearly four years that Million Dollar Fish has been running, not one single tagged barra has been caught by a genuine fishing tourist; local NT anglers have accounted for the lot.
Hopefully this year, with the extension through March, a lucky interstate visitor or two will score some... (more)

4th Jan 19

FISHING With Alex Julius

Motoring along the Adelaide River earlier this week, it was hard not think a monsoon trough had finally descended upon us.
We’d nailed a few barra up to 70cm, so the trip had been worthwhile, but the rain smashed us on the way home.
It was torrential and big drops drove into our faces like nails as my boat skipped across river chop towards the boat ramp near the Adelaide River Bridge.
The highlight of the day had been the first barra, caught by my fishing buddy Alastair Lau.
It measured 63cm and... (more)

111 results
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