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6th Jun 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 6/6/19

I’m in Cairns as you read this, fishing day trips with an old mate, Kim Andersen, at Copperlode Dam.
Copperlode is about 30 minutes out of Cairns, practically at the top of the nearest hinterland.
You reckon the mornings are cold in Darwin right now; I can tell you it’s brass monkey weather on the dam at first light.
Copperlode is where Queensland DPI Fisheries developed its highly-successful barramundi breeding and stocking project back in the 1980s; it is also Cairns’ principal water... (more)

23rd May 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 24/05/19

In what was widely discussed as the toughest Club Marine Insurance Barra Nationals ever, this great tournament is done and dusted for another year.
There was never any doubt that fishing would be incredibly challenging down the Daly last week, and some of the statistics certainly back that up: 28 of 71 teams didn’t catch a point-scoring barra and 155 of 213 anglers also scored donuts.
What was really apparent to me was that so much of the river was so shallow.
Apart from the hazardous sections... (more)

17th May 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 17/05/2019

I can’t tell you how the Club Marine Insurance Barra Nationals is going because I’m down on the Daly River myself, hopefully catching fish.
However, even though the fishing has been tough down the Daly in terms of barra numbers, it hasn’t stopped some absolute stonkers from being caught.
The biggest so far is a great, big, fat 127cm barra which was caught straight after the Barra Classic.
Following an invitation from Paul Johnson, an old family friend, Townsville’s Kyle deVeth... (more)

8th May 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 8/5/2019

Judging by how tough the fishing was on the Daly River for competitors in the annual NT Barra Classic last week, it’s a fair bet that next week’s Club Marine Insurance Barra Nationals will see more of the same.
What unfolded down the river was not really a surprise.
For months now we’ve all been talking about the poor wet season and lack of runoff.
The Daly River suffered more than most in that regard, and competitors last week were faced with changing conditions and very few fish caught.... (more)

30th Apr 19

Fishing With Alex Julius 30/04/2019

As you read this, the NT Barra Classic will be well under way.
Yesterday was the first day of competition and it will be interesting to see how the boats fared with the low-river conditions.
Old mate and top fishing guide Stuey Brisbane from Daly River Barra Resort said the river was as low as it gets at the end of the dry season.
“The rock-bar on the bend above the main rock-bar on the Golden Mile is just about out of the water,” Stuey told me.
“You can’t fish over the top of... (more)

104 results
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