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Purchase the iconic Fishing North Australia and Barramundi OD DVD packs here.

Filmed between 1996 and 2006.

Pack 1 Volume 1 & 2

Barramundi - See possibly the biggest barra ever filmed being caught. The Daly, Mary and Alligator Rivers, Shady Camp, Corroboree Lagoon and Darwin estuaries. Different types of barramundi fishing and different techniques. Tidal river barra, lagoon barra and saltwater barra are all covered with plenty of action. If you're a fan of this mighty fish, this is a must for your collection. 60 minutes.

FNA pack1.jpg

$14.95(Inc GST) + $12.00 Postage & Handling

Bluewater - Visit the fish-rich Wessel Islands off north-east Arnhem Land. Catch fabulous reef fish off Dundee Beach. Trevally and queenfish fight over lures off the Cobourg Peninsula. Three sailfish in an hour off Broome and possibly the biggest barracuda ever caught on camera. Unbelievable fishing action in some of the best fishing spots in the world. Not to be missed. 60 minutes .

Pack 3 Volume 5 & 6

Rivers, Streams & Lagoons with PNG Bass & Barra - Fishing North Australia goes further north- Up to Papua New Guinea. See monster Papuan black bass give Alex the fight of his life and usually win. Coverage of the famous Barra Classic and Barra Nationals tournaments and tips on lure casting and trolling for big river barra. The DVD also features exciting barramundi and saratoga fishing on beautiful Corroboree lagoon. This one is a must for all fans of sport fishing. 80 minutes.

FNA pack3

$14.95(Inc GST) + $12.00 Postage & Handling

Kakadu Barra, Dundee Blue... And some - Three new doses of great barra fishing including Kakadu's South Alligator River, an Arnhem Land creek and around tidal rock washes. The pilchard burley trail does the job off Dundee Beach, enticing frenzied Spanish mackerel, thrashing cobia and a big hammerhead shark. Troll deep diving lures for beautiful oceanic golden snapper. For sheer variety and great fishing action this DVD is hard to beat. Order your copy now. 60 minutes.

Pack 5 Volume 9 & 10

Kakadu Billabongs & Arnhem Land Lagoons To Big River Barra. It's late in the dry season, the Kakadu floodplains are parched and the bulldust is thick. This is tortuous 4WD outback fishing, with a quick stopover for the NT Freshwater Fly Fishing Tournament at Yellow Waters and a fight with a crocodile. Then it's on to remote Arnhem Land for non-stop barra action and bluewater thrills. Yellow Waters, Leichardt Billabong, Barra-snatching Crocs, Mt Borradaile Mayhem, Liverpool River and Big Queenfish

FNA pack5

$14.95(Inc GST) + $12.00 Postage & Handling

Gulf Islands To Arnhem Land Coast. Join an Australiana drive from Daly Waters to Borroloola, through remote Gulf of Carpentaria cattle stations and on by boat to Vanderlin Island to an amazing estuary and bluewater fishing adventure. Mothership north-east Arnhem Land rivers enjoying often frenzied action in the creeks and around the Islands. Then it's on to Cape Don for more idyllic fishing. Mangrove Barra, Lure Tactics, Frenzied Pelagics, Wessel Islands, Vanderlin Island, Mangrove Jacks and Cape Don.

Pack 7 Volume 12 & 13

Magnificent Rowley Shoals & The Mighty Kimberley - Situated nearly 300 km west of Broome in the Indian Ocean, Rowley Shoals is a series of shelf coral atolls which are teeming with fish inside and patrolled on the outside by schools of big sailfish and many other big pelagics. The fabulous Kimberley coast is wild and treacherous, but it's also spectacular, and the fishing is sensational. Coral Popping, Tinnie Sailfish, Wild Atoll Action, Gorge Barra/Jacks, Sale River, Tidal Waterfalls, Gts and Queenies.

FNA pack7

$14.95(Inc GST) + $12.00 Postage & Handling

PNG Bass & Bluewater Adventure With Broome Sails On Fly The world's toughest fish, the Nuigini Black Bass, .runs out of luck when the crew discover a school of whoppers at the mouth of a magnificent PNG river. On this adventure cruise, the villagers are friendly and the islands are vivid palm-lined mountains coming out of a midnight blue Solomon Sea. From there it's over to Broome for incredible fly fishing action on tearaway sailfish in the annual Broome tournament. Nuigini Bass, Spot-tail Bass, PNG North Coast, Solomon Sea, Trobriand Islands and Flying Sailfish.

Pack 2 Volume 2 & 3

Tropical Bays & Estuaries - Explore the fabulous mangrove creeks and rocky foreshores fishing along the Territory's remote west coast. Visit Arnhem Land's big estuaries, with sensational fishing at the Liverpool River and at Cobourg's Cape Don. Catch queenfish from the beach on poppers. Packed full of fishing action and a large variety of species, including huge golden snapper, mangrove jacks and of course, big saltwater barra. A great part of the series. 60 minutes.

FNA pack2

$14.95 (Inc GST) + $12.00 Postage & Handling

Marlin & Sailfish - "Some of the hottest light tackle fishing I've ever seen" Steve Starling - Modern Fishing magazine. Experience the ballistic visual action of catching multiple sailfish on bait and fly. Thrill to the pace of greyhounding small black marlin on light tackle. Gaze in awe as gigantic Cairns black marlin rocket to the heavens. This is classic Alex Julius fishing - monster fish going crazy. Whatever you do, don't miss it. 74 minutes.

Pack 4 Volume 7 & 8

Runn-off Barra - Amazing Top End barramundi fishing action as the fish congregate to feed at flowing creek mouths during The Run-off. The wetlands scenery is breathtaking, and you'll understand why the fishing during The Run-off is as good as it gets.East Alligator, South Alligator, Wildman River, Daly River, Post Wet Tactics and Feeder Creeks

FNA pack4.jpg

$14.95(Inc GST) + $12.00 Postage & Handling

Queensland East Coast With NT's Finniss & Daly Action from Cairns to Cooktown on a drive/fish trip, chasing big reef fish and Gts on the Great Barrier Reef, with double-hookups on thrashing cobia and a big mackerel. It's rough as guts during the Moreton Bay Classic, and the bass are biting on Queensland's big dams. Cairns Reefies, Popper Gts, Cooktown Cobia, Massive Mackerel, Moreton Bay Classic, Impoundment Bass and Big Barra Trolling.

Pack 6 Volume 10 & 11

Top End Saltwater Barra & Bluewater - There's some terrific coastal rock barra fishing in this DVD, including tips on lure selection and working the tides to best advantage. Offshore, big mackerel hit the reef fish and get caught, and the golden snapper are huge. Headland Barra, Rock Island Barra, River Barra, Bluewater Sportfish, Big Fingermark and Dundee Fires.

FNA pack6

$14.95(Inc GST) + $12.00 Postage & Handling

Big Tidal River Barra Latest big river barra tactics, with action-packed tournament coverage and whopper double hook-ups. Explains how to pick the spot and select barra lures to vary troll depths in the big rivers, and then proves the point with a double whammy which includes an absolute whopper. There are great big-river barra tips throughout this enthralling DVD. Shady Camp, Barra Poppers, Trolling Science, Barra Classic, Barra Nationals and Adelaide River.

Barramundi O.D.

This is a triple DVD set of wild barra fishing with almost 5 hours of viewing. The DVD features all new footage of incredible fishing action, practical tips, amazing wildlife and spectacular scenery. For detailed information on this


$19.95(Inc GST) + $12.00 Postage & Handling

Buy Packs 1 to 7

Buy Packs 1 to 7: AUD$150.00 plus AUD$16.00 (P&H in Australia only)


$69.95(Inc GST) + $16.00 Postage & Handling

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