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Catch up on additional NAFA Magazine Editions in Back Issues

NAFA 7 Cover.jpeg


Front Cover: NAFA Good Gear Model, Divini Rae, with a 20kg Cape Don Spanish mackerel. (Photo by AJ)


$19.95 + $15.00 Postage & Handling

Table of Contents - NAFA Fishing Magazine


40 Fishing the West Coast

West Oz expert, Mike Roennfeldt, tells us how to make the most of the big state's coastal angling opportunities.


58 Spoon Fed

Courtenay gets some nice fish working his trusty spoon around the huge tidal movements in Broome's Roebuck Bay.


78 South Australia's Big Five

There really is some first-class fishing available in South Australia and Shane Mensforth has the pictures to prove it.


118 The NSW Goldmine

Peter Horrobin captures the fabulous quality of NSW north coast fishing in words and pictures and offers valuable advice.


129 Fishing Territory: NT Fishing Feature

NAFAs 64-page, up-to-date guide for any angler considering a fishing visit to the Northern Territory.


247 Guide to Fishing the Capricorn Coast

Bill Bowtell's insight into the wonderful fishing along the Queensland coast from Cape Capricorn to Stanage Bay.



35 As Good as it Gets

Bushy lures some great bream.


54 Classic Croc

Alex Julius retells the story of a Classic croc.


231 Giants in the World of Trevally

Col Roberts examines the bar-room brawler of tropical sportfishing — the giant trevally.


280 Garden State Flathead Nice lizards!

Geoff Wilson shows us some lovely Victorian flathead and how to catch 'em.


288 The Gemfish Story — Not a Happy Ending

East coast gemfish have been fished commercially almost to extinction. Kevin Rowling looks at ways to save them.


290 The Great Barra Debate

The capture of possibly the biggest barra ever at Tinaroo has led to controversy over record claims.


293 Freight Trains of the Territory

Brian McManus writes about the Territory's fabulous jewies.



8 Bait Fishing the Tropics

John Mondora reminds us just how productive bait fishing can be in our tropical waters.


 88 Making Memories

Ken Stien finds that his various fishing expeditions with his late son are the basis of many happy memories.


94 Canadian Experience

Des Charles chased huge sturgeon and found them just a bit more of a handful than the bass he's used to.


115 Impoundment Barra Primer

Neil Schultz with an update on Queensland's impoundment barra fisheries and the latest techniques for hooking the big ones.


217 A Divine Guide to Heavenly Fishing

Phil Heitmann extols the virtues of professional guided fishing in the waters of the Top End.


270 How Far is a Long Way?

Ron Calcutt explains how new hulls, new motors and new navigation aids are pushing our established fishing frontiers.


63 Bass 2000: Nafa's Impoundment Bass Special


64 Fishing With Harry

Warren Steptoe fished with Queensland bass guru, Harry Watson, and gives us some insight into his successful techniques.

70 Impoundment Techniques for the 21st Century

There's a revolution going on in impoundment bass fishing techniques. Steve Morgan reports.


193 Nafa 2000 Feature: 4 Wheel Drive And Camping

194 Accessories for the 4WD

Angler Dick Eussen helps us make sense of the bewildering array of accessories now available for our 4WD vehicles.

208 A Home Away From Home

Ken Stien's simple and sensible advice to make that next bush camp a lot more comfortable and a lot more fun.


Great Pictures

21 Bigpela Piksas

From PNG's Lae to the Trobriand Islands via Tull — Alex Julius presents a pictorial essay from an amazing Solomon Sea adventure

260 A Cape Don Experience

On location at remote Cape Don in Gurig National Park with the stunning NAFA Good Gear Models.


Product Awareness

16 Killalure Conspiracy Deepens

32 Mustad Demon Circle Hooks

46 Crank 'Em in with G•Loomis

77 Shimano's New Backbone Rods

86 Smilin' Jack Lures

92 Fishing Comes Alive with Live Fibre

106 Unfair Advantage Fly-Tying Materials

111 G•Loomis Magic Fly Rods 126 Plainly Plano

224 New Rapalas for Australian Conditions

228 New Rods and Reels From Shimano

257 Yamaha 100 Four Stroke

279 Hookem Bait

287 The Humminbird Solution

297 Denis Hawkins Lures


97 Nafa On Fly: Fly Fishing Feature


98 Trouting in New Zealand

Peter Morse guides us through the land of the long white cloud and its fabulous trout fishing. He reckons tropical swoffers should give it a go.


104 Three Secrets to Elegant Fly Casting

Leeann Payne shares her secrets for elegant casting.


108 Kakadu by Fly

Alex Julius went along to the 1999 NT Freshwater Fly Fishing Tournament on the beautiful billabongs of Kakadu.


112 Introduction to Saltwater Fly Fishing

Fundamentals Extracts from Peter Morse's new book, Saltwater Fly Fishing Fundamentals.



6 NAFA Angle

18 Tales of NAFA

274 Interview: Don McPherson

298 Book Reviews

300 Good Gear



48 Confessions of a Travelling Angler

Starling's hilarious account of fishing television's downside.


214 NAFA Interview: Barry Mundy


222 So You Want to be a Fishing Writer

John Mondora provides some sage advice for the budding Ernest Hemmingways out there.


252 Biologists, Boats and Bananas

US exchange student, Jessica Rose Briggs, found bananas didn't help at Corroboree Billabong.


284 Duck Season

Bluey Vaughan goes back in time to a childhood fishing spot when he and his mates were larrikins in trouble.



225 Fighting the Cyber Fish

 Jackson Baraz looks to the future and finds that fishing might become just a bit more dangerous than it already is.


240 Yoshi and the White Carp

Steve Starling at his best with this poignant story with a bit of a twist at the end.


254 Solly Gets Balls

Shocking but true — Solly's taken up golf! Lex Sylvester tells us he needed some special help though.


276 A Tuna or Two

A tuna or two can wipe away the stress of even the most pressured life. A thoughtful piece from the pen of David Green.



90 Best of Batter

Hooked on Water's affable fishing TV chef, Phippsy, beats up four of the best batter recipes we've come across.


236 Wrapped in Bream

Lyn Bain serves up some wonderful recipes for bream. We're sure you'll be wrapped in these.



238 1999 Barra Classic L

eeann Payne at the Classic in the all-girl Platypettes team. It wasn't all plain sailing but they had a great time.


244 Big Barra Nationals

Dave Donald found the going tough in the 1999 Barra Nationals, but there were some very big fish caught.

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