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In Australia there are more than 300 different species of mosquito, with a small number causing major concern. Several important human diseases are transmitted throughout Australia by mosquitoes including Dengue fever, Australian encephalitis, Ross River virus and Barmah Forest virus disease.

Nothing is more irritating than a swollen itchy mozzie bite; that’s why you need protection and relief that really works. Formulated in the Australian tropics, RID insect repellent is 100% Australian with over 56 years of success in keeping the mozzies away.

RID repellents are medicated & anti-itch – if you forget to wear a repellent, you can apply RID after an insect bite to stop the itch and help prevent infection. The RID formula contains an extra fly repellent combined with the active DEET, making it effective against a large range of insects including mosquitoes, flies, fleas, sandflies, midges, ticks, ants, lice and leeches. “The higher the % of DEET, the better the protection...“ is a common misconception. Research indicates over 20% DEET does not improve actual efficacy, only length of protection time.  The World Health Organisation now recommends less than 30% DEET for adults. RID Tropical Strength contains 19.5% DEET, and has a protection time of +6hrs.

For maximum protection this summer, RID recommends using an insect repellent containing correct levels of DEET; wearing protective, light-coloured clothing; avoiding being outside during times of heavy mosquito infestation (such as mornings and early evenings); screening sleeping areas with mosquito nets; and checking all living or camping areas for mosquito-breeding sites such as standing water.


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