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Alex's Column 01/09/2022

By all accounts, last week’s fourth round of the 2022 Top End Barra Series was

a good one.

The area fished encompassed the lower Adelaide River and both Saltwater Arm

and Leader’s Creek.

According to TEBS co-ordinator, Tim Bolch, the water had warmed a bit

compared to earlier in the month, but it was windy on both days, with dirty

water nearly everywhere.

“Some anglers had trouble raising a single scaly critter of any type; others

found the prized Lates calcarifer in large numbers,” Tim said.

“Persistent anglers were left reeling at the strike, with one report from Regis

Martin that a barra hit so hard that it broke the lure’s bib and bent two of the

6x-strong trebles whilst being angled to the boat.

“Among the misadventures of the weekend was poor Mark Grosser whose

steering stopped working late on Saturday afternoon, and he was towed from

Wiltshire Creek to the boat ramp by Tim Morgan.

“James ‘Parksy’ Park marked a big barramundi on the sounder and swam a

75mm hard body lure past its nose.

“The lure was immediately crushed and line peeled at great speed from his


“Alas, the fish ran straight into a big pile of submerged timber, but Parksy

managed to get the fish out of the snag, and finally saw a nice big yellow tail

which, after a bit more fighting, turned out to belong to a fat Queensland

Groper,” Tim reported.

There were 85 barra over 50cm caught in this TEBS round, as well many more

barra under the 50cm scoring length.

Nine competitors were able to catch the bag limit of five fish, with seven fish

over 80cm and one ripper which measured 102cm for Dwight Shepherd.

Jack Oswald came third in this round, with fish measuring 68, 69, 70, 72 and


Jack spent most of the weekend casting soft plastics and hard-body lures at the

snags in the Wiltshire creeks.

Tim said: “Jack is fishing TEBS for the first time this season and had already

claimed first place in Round 2 to go with his third on the Adelaide.

“In second position was an angler who regularly figures near the top: Peter


“Peter’s bag was full to the brim, with scorers at 75, 76, 76, 79 and 83cm…

impressive for a bloke who was fishing solo.

“Peter caught his first good fish on Saturday morning casting a soft plastic

around The Narrows, and followed up on the Sunday with his better fish

coming on the troll in the Wiltshires.

“The winner of this round was Dwight Shepherd, whose bag was bursting at

the seam with barramundi measuring 74, 76, 80, 89 and a stonker 102cm fish,”

Tim reported.

TEBS round 5 will be in Darwin Harbour.

Dwight Shepherd’s stonker 102cm Adelaide River barra helped him win

round four of the Top End Barra Series.

It’s not a point-scoring barra, but James “Parksy” Park was happy

enough with this splendid Qld groper.

Junior TEBS angler, Tore Ruddock, fished well on the Adelaide River.

Jack Oswald came third in TEBS round four.


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