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Alex's Column 14/09/2022

“No plan whatsoever!”

That was the explanation Emma Harbrow gave for her Team Angry Bird’s stunning victory in

last week’s Secret Women’s Business Barra Challenge.

Angry Bird comprised Emma, Mel Ledingham and Judy Ward.

“We didn’t get around to doing a pre-fish, and I haven’t been to Corroboree for two years,

whilst Judy hadn’t been there for 12 months.

“On the first morning, we went to a couple of our usual spots and started getting hits

trolling, so we worked the area all day and caught three barra, including my 80cm fish.

“Trolling Little Lucifers came through for us and we just persevered with the weed.

“We were in third spot after the first day, but it was all pretty close.

“We caught nine barra and no saratoga,” Emma told me.

Emma praised the Palmerston Game Fishing Club and the organisers: “The organisation was

just fabulous.

“Each year it gets better and better”

This was Kristen Noble’s 10 th year organising SWB.

“On the way back on Sunday I thought: where the hell has two days gone,” Kris told me.

“But that’s why the women like it: it’s only two days.

“It was so hot on Friday; everyone felt it.

“I’m knackered now but can’t complain.

“There were 55 teams again this year, but more competitors as there were more teams of


“The fishing wasn’t as good as last year, but to get 62 is not bad.

“Unfortunately, there were not nearly as many ‘toga about.

“Last year most teams caught fish but there were less teams catching this year.

“However, a lot of girls commented that this year is the first they actually caught anything.

“The ‘bong just changes each year.

“Traditionally, it shuts down on the second day… but 20 barra is still good.

“The quality of the girls in the winning Angry Bird team is beyond question; they’re always in

the top 10,” Kris said.

“Catching fish is a bit of a bonus to them; they come here to be involved in the process.”

Kris is staying on to do another year as SWB co-ordinator.

“Obviously, I can’t do it without my marshalls and helpers… they just know what to do… it’s

just a well-oiled machine.

“Each year, we are reducing the amount of paper we’re using; everything was


“I’m all about sustainable fishing and fishing for the future,” Kris explained.

Once again, the venue for SWB was Corroboree Park Tavern.

“The pub was fantastic: the food was brilliant and they did an amazing job,” Kris said.

“They get a brief a few weeks before and it just happens.”

Runner-up Champion Team was Mercury Ratbags (Savannah Barz, Jade McGowan and Emily


Reegan Davidson was Champion Angler and Judy Ward was Runner-up Champion.

Jessica Walker caught the nominated biggest barra at 80cm, and Melita McKinnon caught

the biggest saratoga at 65cm.

It’s good to see some quality barra caught at Corroboree at last; it’s definitely worth having

a shot out there in the coming weeks.

SWB winning Team Angry Bird’s Emma Harbrow (left) and Judy Ward with Emma’s

80cm barra.

Mel Ledingham from Team Angry Bird with her 71cm barra.

Reegan Davidson won Champion Angler at the SWB Barra Challenge.


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