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Alex's Column 15/12/2022

You’ve just got to love those dead neap tides this coming weekend.

On the last set of neaps, the mouth of Shady at both Sampan Creek and Tommycut Creek went off with quality barra and big threadies.

Fish were caught both casting and trolling, particularly on the incoming tide.

There were good reports too from the Adelaide River where the Wiltshire Creeks produced at random creek mouths.

Colin Burdon of Reidy’s Lures told me he fished with his good mate and talented angler, Zorny, at a creek mouth run down from the Adelaide River Bridge.

“We pulled up and heard a boof, then another boof, so we put on B52s and started casting as the fish were near the surface,” Colin told me.

“There was no interest so I put on the Akame Guppy which is our new weedless soft plastic.

“I chucked it into some corner snags and slow rolled it back to the boat, and a terrific barra smashed it.

“It fought like crazy and came in at 96cm which made my day,” Colin said.

The pair caught nine good barra on the 120-size Guppy lures before the bite stopped.

These terrific lures are ribbed from the middle down to the tail, so they swim beautifully.

They come in 11 colours, most with heaps of sparkle, and four sizes: 60mm, 90mm, 120mm and 150mm.

The mouth of the South Alligator River and along that part of the coast went ballistic on the last set of neap tides.

Cameron Briscoe and mates caught over 100 barra in a couple of days.

Ron Voukolos of Fishing and Outdoor World told me that Shoal Bay is still producing barra, mainly up the Little Howard and inside King Creek.

“The Little Howard has been producing all year on the neaps,” Ron said.

“The harbour has been fishing spasmodically – on one day and off the next.”

Roger Sinclair and Gavin Bedford checked out Sadgroves, Reichardt and Blesser Creeks last week on bigger tides.

“The barra were biting and we caught 13 but only one was legal,” Roger said.

“There were some active threadies about too, and we had fun with them as well.

“I think the fish were biting because there hadn’t been any rain for a few days, and it was very hot,” Roger explained.

It seems the goldies have turned up over the past week or so.

There’ve been reports from offshore Darwin all the way down to the Peron Islands.

Smaller jewies up to 7kg have also been on the chew.

Those you-beaut artificial reefs will definitely be worth a shot on the neap tides this weekend.

The one offshore from Leaders Creek is reportedly swarming with jewfish, and the one out from Dundee is also a jewie magnet.

Colin Burdon of Reidy’s Lures banged this 96cm Adelaide River barra on a 120 Akame Guppy weedless soft plastic in colour Midnight Blues. (Photo: Zorny)

The Akame Guppy comes in 11 colours and four sizes, and is also available in a twin pack without hooks. (Photo: Zorny)


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