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Alex's Column 18th August 2022

There’s minimal tidal movement this weekend as we move right into the neap-tide phase.

That’s not the best for estuary barra fishing, particularly in Darwin and Bynoe Harbours,

although both those locations will offer sight-fishing opportunities across the flats.

Given the breezy conditions this weekend, particularly on Sunday, you’ll need to find a flat

with a windward shore.

Saturday afternoon would be the pick for sight fishing on the flats, with low tide a bit after


One spot that could produce a big barra on these neaps is Leaders Creek.

Sunday would be the go, launching at sparrows and fishing the slow, incoming tide.

And don’t be surprised if a thumper black jew jumps onto your trolled or cast lure.

Given those breezy conditions, offshore from Darwin will be a bit bumpy, but definitely at its

most comfortable early and late.

There’ve been some good reports of quality catches on the new artificial reefs.

The pick of them continues to be the reef wide of Dundee, but both the artificial reefs out

from Darwin are producing a mixed bag.

The fourth reef out from Leaders Creek is fishing well for small-to-midsized jewfish.

There’s also been some excellent goldie fishing out around Cape Hotham.

These neap tides are great for pelagic fishing wide of Darwin and down Dundee way.

The reason is that water clarity will be excellent, given the lack of strong currents.

There’ve been some great catches of Spanish mackerel and big trevally over the last couple

of weeks, and that should continue this weekend.

I also expect the billfish brigade to be out in force this weekend, mainly wide of Dundee.

The tides are fine for an early launch at the Dundee ramp, but you’ll need to be off the

water by mid-afternoon.


Many Darwin anglers would know popular, long-time professional fishing guide, Duane

Trouchet of DNA Barra Fishing Charters.

Duane is one of the Top End’s true pioneer fishing tour operators, offering trips from one-

day barra fishing to extended mother ship adventures.

Recently, Duane suffered a major accident with a faulty firework and lost his left eye, had

extensive forehead damage and was put into an induced coma for more than three weeks.

Duane has a long road to recovery, but he will never be the same.

The good news is he’s recently come out of the coma, is talking and has the use of his right


Duane and his family are now facing ongoing medical bills along with other expenses whilst

they come to terms with this tragedy.

Well-known Darwin angler and close family friend, Stewie Martin, is organising a charity

auction fundraiser for Duane.

The event will take place at Dinah Beach Yacht Club at 5.30pm this Saturday 20 August.

It will be supported by local band Afro Moses, with Stewie, who is an auctioneer, calling the

charity auction.

Your support can be in the form of a donation to be auctioned, or simply attendance and

bidding at the event.

For more information, call Stewie on 0431 552607.

Chris Errity has been getting stuck into big trevallies offshore from Darwin.

A fund raiser will be held this Saturday for pioneer NT fishing tour operator, Duane Trouchet,

who suffered major injury following a tragic accident.


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