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The Black Widow range of 4WD personal storage products are worth considering if you are sick and tired of having tins, sunscreen and insect sprays and other containers rolling about the floor of the car. The Black Widow range is the answer to having a clean car, especially when kids are in it. Made from quality canvas with rubber backs, the materials are of marine grade with high UV rating for lasting durability and performance. All products have a 3-year guarantee against faulty workmanship and material. Some are also very handy for use in boats and dinghies.

Seat Tidy This is the answer to having things stored neatly and at hand. It can be attached to the rear of the front seats or to a cargo barrier. The pockets will hold drink cans or bottles, insect and sunscreen cans, personal sprays, note pads and pens, maps, and much more. Strong adjustable straps ensure that the Seat Tidy is securely attached to either the back of a front seat or a cargo barrier, no matter how heavy the contents are. A strong rubber back protects it against rub damage when fitted to a cargo barrier.Dash PodsThis item is attached semi-permanently to the dash with glue straps — although do not place it where airbags are located. It comes with a note pad and a pen, an indication of it being designed to hold paperwork, pens, guide books (for example, a copy of my book The Savannah Way - Cairns to Broome) and maps. It is a handy item, that besides tidying up the vehicle provides instant access to paperwork and maps. The bag can be removed, being attached with Velcro fasteners to the fixing straps. It is also a handy item for fitting in a boat.

Dash Stash With four pockets and a map/notepad insert, this is another handy item to fix to a convenient spot on the dash, or door, especially in a small 4WD, car, or again, in the boat. The pockets are designed to hold drinks, sunscreen and insect repellent containers. It is semi-permanently fixed with glue straps to a selected spot. The bag is attached to the straps with Velcro fasteners and thus can be removed easily. Toilet Bag Yep, at last a bag for toilet rolls that won’t fall apart under stress or from UV rays. The sturdy canvas bag holds three rolls — more than enough for that moment meditating with Mother Nature in the wilds of Cape York. Just don’t forget to take a shovel along when doing so. The Cape is littered with an alarming amount of landmines. But jokes aside, this is one handy bag that will keep rolls intact and clean, ready to use at a moments notice after having too many beers and fresh mud crabs in the wild. I have also been using it in my boat and will invest in another and keep it permanently in the boat.

Black Window has many accessories for the fourbie — storage systems and solutions, fridge sliders, cargo barriers, drop tables, rubbish bags, shade shelters, water tanks, and more to make life easy when traveling in the great outdoors.

Visit or call 1800 634 614.


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