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Black Widow awnings are made in Australia to suit the conditions that our ever changing climate dishes up.

Once erected, an awning needs to look right and to function as well. The 14oz heavy-duty Dyna Proofed canvas erects to a taught canopy which is unsurpassed in UV protection, waterproof qualities and fire-retardant ability. The awnings are easily erected by one person in under a minute, or even quicker with two people. Black Widow awnings also come with optional add-ons such as side walls, sandfly-proof-complete-walled enclosures and 12v light holders.

Our awnings are great for impromptu stops where sun or weather protection is required and are great to roll the swag out underneath. They are big enough to set up a table and chairs under cover.

The awnings roll up neatly into a PVC bag that zips up. All legs and braces are attached and telescopic, and retract into the frame when rolled up. There are no loose pieces as the awning is complete and easy to use. Black Widow has released the Fred’s Arm: a swing arm that allows you to use your awning in both side and rear positions, thus doubling the use and doubling the value of your awning investment. The Black Widow awning fits to the Fred’s Arm and then fixes to the Black Widow Roof Rack. Simply pull the locking pin, swing the Fred’s Arm around to the rear position, secure the locking pin and erect your awning, in only 30 seconds! It’s made from steel and aluminium, and is powder coated in millennium grey to complement Black Widow’s aluminium roof racks.


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