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The next generation Simrad® NSS Evo3 multifunction displays have been developed by Simrad, featuring new SolarMAX™ HD screens, built-in GoFree® Wi-Fi, Dual Channel CHIRP sounder compatibility and an expanded keypad, plus a host of premium features.

The NSS Evo3 series will include 16-, 12-, 9- and 7-inch models with an updated, easy-to-use interface and support for full operation via touchscreen or keypad, making the unit easier to operate when the boat is in motion, in all weather conditions.

Simrad SolarMAX HD display technology provides high-definition visuals and exceptional clarity with extrawide viewing angles, perfect for use in direct sunlight as well as low light environments. Most importantly, the touchscreen works accurately even when wet – covered in fresh or salt water – it won’t impact performance.

Designed for the offshore fisherman, Dual Channel CHIRP enables wide angle and deep view sonar images from the same transducer (with a dual channel CHIRP sonar transducer installed on their boat). Boaters can cover more water and mark fish targets more clearly with Network Dual Sounder technology, which provides sonar data from a network of CHIRP transducers - the NSS Evo3 can display multiple sonar inputs simultaneously.

The Simrad NSS16 evo3, NSS12 evo3, NSS9 evo3 and NSS7 evo3 can be purchased from authorised dealers and distributors with the following RRP:  NSS16 Evo3 with Basemap   $6799

NSS12 Evo3 with Basemap   $4749

NSS9 Evo3 with Basemap   $3299

NSS7 Evo3 with Basemap   $2299

NSS evo3 is scheduled to be available in February 2017.


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