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BOATING PA: Yamaha Full Vmax Sho Line-up


Yamaha Motor Australia has recently introduced the full range of four stroke VMAX SHO engines to the Australian outboard line-up. These exciting models have redefined the high-performance outboard market in the USA and are sure to catch the attention of the Australian boating public. The VMAX SHO engine platform was previously only available in Australia in the 4.2 Litre V6 models which included horsepower variants from 200 to 250. The range will now be expanded to include inline four cylinder models: VF115, VF150 and VF175. The expanded line-up also includes 25 inch, extra-long transom models in the VF150 and VF250. In addition to the VMAX SHO’s proven tournament credentials, these outboards are also extremely versatile offering a reliable, high performance alternative for a huge range of Australian sports, social ski and race boats. FASTER.  Increased top-end Led by the flagship VMAX SHO 4.2L V6 models and followed by the inline four cylinder variations, the VMAX SHO range performance translates to a variety of other applications where speed is key. V6 models utilise their big displacement matched with their high performance gear case to deliver the epic top end. The VF175 and VF150, both based on the F200 powerhead, deliver effortless power, while the VF115 is tuned specifically to deliver additional top end performance on tournament style boats. LIGHTER.  Class-leading power-to-weight VMAX SHO models deliver four stroke power to weight ratios that were almost unimaginable in years gone by. The 4.2 litre V6 models are the lightest engines in their class – two stroke or four stroke – while also offering the biggest engine displacement in the category through the innovative use of plasma fused sleeveless cylinders. The Inline four cylinder VF150 and VF175 are around 7kg lighter than the previous generation direct injected two strokes that were used in this application and VF115 is the lightest four stroke, 16 valve double overhead camshaft outboard available in its class.

SMARTER.  Integrated technology puts you in control

VMAX SHO models are fitted with high output alternator which provides plenty of power to keep up with the requirements of today’s electronic accessories, which are especially demanding on the tournament fishing circuit. VMAX SHO models are compatible with Yamaha’s Command Link digital gauges including the new 6YC colour display and feature Yamaha’s  Variable Trolling Control (excluding VF250X), a function that allows the operator to adjust the engines idle speed up or down in 50rpm increments to achieve the correct trolling speed for perfect lure action. All VMAX SHO models are compatible with Yamaha’s exclusive Y-COP immobilizer system which safely secures your outboard from unauthorised startups.  All Yamaha VMAX SHO four stroke models have the advantage of not requiring an external oil tank, unlike the two stroke models that used to be a common sight in high performance outboard applications. There’s no odour from burning two stroke oil and no additional cost from its consumption. The bottom line is there’s no longer a need to compromise comfort, convenience and quality in the quest for additional performance when choosing an outboard for sports, fishing, social ski and race boats. Along with aggressive performance, the VMAX SHO range still delivers everything customers have come to expect from a Yamaha four stroke engine: great fuel economy, whisper quite operation and reliability that is second to none.


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