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Generally, everything I look at in the boating world is related to fishing and what type of fishing any particular boat would be best suited for.

Therefore, it was a nice change recently to get out on a boat which is very much left field of the fishing industry, whilst still being able to provide massive amounts of fun for a bunch of mates spending time on the water. Enter the Shuttle Craft. Designed in Canada and now distributed in this part of the world by BTD Marine in Melbourne, this Sports Deck (as it’s referred to) is a twin-hull, catamaran-style boat that has loads of open deck space that will enable you to enjoy a whole variety of water sports: including cruising, water skiing, wake boarding and even a bit of fishing.

What makes the Sports Deck really interesting is the whole concept of how it works. This concept involves a carefully-designed recess in the stern of the hull between the two pods. This uncanny recess incorporates supporting rails onto which you can slide an independent jet ski. The jet ski in turn provides the Sports Deck’s propulsion and steerage. In the case of our test boat, the jet ski was a Seadoo RXT.

Under way, I was instantly impressed by the minimal water depth required by this craft due to the jet engine; I found it great for getting up in the shallows. I can also tell you that the Shuttle Craft is an absolute rocket with the Seadoo RXT pushing the whole rig along at a very pacey 90kph. Of course, the versatility of this rig is that the jet ski can be separated easily from the main hull should you wish to go for a whirlwind spin on the crazy-fast Seadoo.

Inside the Shuttle Craft, the broad deck at the bow will appeal to the sun-baking crowd. Mind you, one can’t help but notice its suitability as a forward casting platform also.

There’s no shortage of comfortable seating positions on the Shuttle Craft, and I really liked the many hatches, one of which housed the battery switch, switch panel and a Fusion sound system head unit, a great move as all this stuff stays dry and out of the weather. As for storage itself, there are stacks of it, with two large hatches in the rear section both of which have lift-out tubs; when removed, you find even more storage room below. Up in the nose section, there is plenty more storage, with access through hatches in the face of the deck then, just to top it off, there are two more storage areas to be found under the tow seats located in front of the jet ski. In short, there is ample room to store everything from safety gear to all those things required for a big day on the water.

Depending on your requirements, there are also plenty of accessory options you could easily add to this boat, including a full bimini top, a BBQ and even a built-in, fully-insulated icebox.

There’s no doubt that the Shuttle Craft opens up a Pandora’s box of water-based recreational opportunities, and you might even be able to catch a fish or two from it.


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