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Fins original PRT braid has made huge inroads into the Australian superlines market since its introduction in 2000. Fins recently introduced Windtamer braid to its growing stable of superlines, utilising the same technology and features as Fins original PRT, but with the added benefit of being well suited to be used in windy conditions with light lures. Windtamer braid has a firmer structure, allowing it to cut through the air with minimal arching and virtually eliminating wind knots.With a tighter weave, it packs down well on reel spools without burying in on itself. The firmer structure also helps in minimising backlashes on baitcasters. Fins Windtamer recently won the Best Line award at the Australian Fishing Trade Association’s Trade Show. Windtamer braid offers excellent knot strength with high abrasion resistance and is available in 4, 6, 10, 20 and 30 pound breaking strains on 150 yard spools in a high vis yellow colour.


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