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Fuji has always been at the leading edge of fishing rod components and has been responsible for a large number of advancements from the SiC (Silicone Carbide) ring, to the K frame and more recently the KR Concept which is a specific guide set and arrangement to offer increased sensitivity, power and casting accuracy. In the quest for the ultimate ring material which would enhance sensitivity even further, Fuji teamed up with Kyoceraa, the world’s leading developer of task-specific ceramics to produce Torzite. This is the first ceramic ever developed specifically as a guide ring material from its inception.

Torzite is ultra light, ultra strong and has ultra low friction.

Fuji believes Torzite enhances the action of the blank via two key factors:

1.    Lighter and thinner ring sizes. Torzite has a weight advantage over SiC by approximately 40% and the end product has a 10% weight saving. In addition, the ring thickness is thinner and therefore the inner diameter of the guide is larger by approximately 15%.

2.    Leading to the ability to downsize. The ultra-thin ring means you can use one size smaller guides compared to SiC which results in a saving of 20-30% over the length of a rod. In addition, the tip section is also lighter resulting in a more responsive rod overall.

Torzite’s abrasion resistance is on par with current Fuji SiC components and far exceeds copies in abrasion testing over a guide using 8lb braid line by sliding the line routinely under a 70N load. The Torzite ring also maintains the impact resistance necessary for this application.

Finally, this new material is the ultimate in smoothness offering slightly greater line protection than Fuji SiC and significantly better than copy SiC guides. The Torzite ring is formed in a long elliptical shape which produces even pressure over the ring, while many SiC copies have square edges creating line fatigue under load.

Torzite rings are only available in Titanium frames with each and every frame laser etched with Torzite on the arm of the frame in keeping with its premium status.

When buying a fishing rod, or components, don’t settle for second best. Make sure any component has Fuji marked on it or comes with an authentic Fuji swing tag. Anything else is simply second best.


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