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When boat motors do not start, when you run out of fuel, because the tide and wind were not your friends or when something else goes wrong and you are a long way from home, life jackets are an essential part of your safety equipment.

As boaters, anglers and watersport enthusiasts, we often make sure we have the latest fishing gear and the latest electronics, but how often do we think about having the latest safety equipment? It is only in times of distress that we consider the very things that could save our lives.

The Response range of PFDs by Life Jacket Solutions has several models which are suitable for fishing, boating and broader water sports. However, there is something quite different about this range and the vision of this company when it comes to safety.

The team at Life Jacket Solutions recognised growing opportunities to produce safer, more comfortable and more innovative lifejackets with appeal right across Australia and New Zealand. The company has introduced new inflators and new standards to the market combined with real and measurable increased safety.

At the time of writing, Response life jackets is the only Australian range to have a full deck of jackets conforming to the latest Australian standards. There are many PFDs still currently on the market using 2008 standards that may not provide the same levels of safety, functionality and ease of servicing.

A few examples of the change in standards are buoyancy, flotation and making sure the user is left in the correct, heads-up position should something go wrong. Labelling and instructions have also changed to ensure users understand the jackets they need and understand the servicing requirements.

The latest Response Life Jackets feature new inflators, recently made available by the leading US and UK suppliers. The new inflators will be used on all inflatable jackets and offer a single-point indicator for added safety and peace of mind. The inflators are only green and ready to go when the correct CO2 cannisters are engaged correctly. These new mechanisms also allow for much easier self-service.

Early response to the new products has been very encouraging, not least because the wearing of lifejackets is a key safety aspect of boating and fishing all around the country.

To better understand the new standards, visit the website or your state and territory maritime website


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