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Based on high-quality components and a lightweight design, the Revo ALX incorporates new technology including the Salt Shield Concept bearing and AMGearing™ systems within the compact Revo design.

SSC (Salt Shield Concept) bearing employs newly-developed ball bearings that are coated with a water-repelling shield which greatly reduces rotation noise caused by salt adhesion thereby improving operation and durability. SSC is applied to key HPCR (High performance corrosion resistant) bearings to provide an increase in durability, smoothness, and corrosion resistance, improving performance in all fishing conditions. The AMGearing™ System combines a precision machined aluminium gear (using COG (Computer Optimized Gear) gear design, resulting in a gear system that has been optimized to give the ultimate in smoothness and durability.

The C6 carbon body and rotor provide significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength and durability. Revo ALX is equipped with the Rocket Line Management System, which is a combination of bail angle, spool lip design and slow oscillation that gives anglers the ability to cast further and manage line more effectively.

Dedicated to light-to-medium tackle lure fishing from bream on hard bodies through to snapper on plastics, there are six models in the series ranging from 2000 to 5000 sizes. All models feature 7+1 bearings with super-smooth carbon drag systems with drag force from 3kg to 10kg depending on the model. $299.00 RRP


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