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The popular Barra X has undergone a serious upgrade, creating the Barra X Pro series. This new series has been built with extra strength to target species such as mulloway, barramundi and Murray cod.

The Barra X Pro also has a magnetic cast system that gives the lure incredible casting distance and accuracy as well as a unique underwater sonic signature when retrieved. Barra X Pro has a square bib that produces a unique swimming action that simply screams “eat me” to fish. This lure is fitted with terminal tackle that will never let you down, giving anglers the confidence they need to use the lure straight from the box. The Barra X Pro dives between 0.8m and 1.2m, putting it squarely into the frame for snag bashing Murray cod and barra or at river mouths and headlands for mulloway. Available as a floating model, the Barra X Pro comes in 100mm, 120mm and 180mm lengths. Ten colours have been specifically developed for the Barra X Pro including, natural, holographic and attractor designs.


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