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SHIMANO – 3 Products

Ocea 8 Premium PE (Braid Line)

Shimano has recently unveiled its new Ocea 8 Premium PE braid line which has a breaking strain 25 per cent greater than the previous Ocea EX8 for the same diameter line. Ocea 8 PE braid line is made in Japan and has 8 strand construction and utilises Shimano’s exclusive “Tough Cross” braiding method. Ocea 8 line is woven at 45 degrees under tension to create a tighter fibre structure, making it more stable, easier to manage and more abrasion resistant. Shimano has developed a “Heat Sink” coating which has been applied to this line to reduce the concentration of heat build-up from guide and drag pressure on the line. This line has a new and improved fibre-lay technology exclusive to Shimano, which prevents flattening of the line that could lead to premature breakage. As a result, the breaking strain and abrasion resistance is vastly improved. Ocea 8 Premium PE is available in 300m, 400m and 500m spool sizes with a colour change every 10m.

Shimano’s New Blue Romance AX

The Blue Romance AX is the new and improved version of the original Blue Romance series and is produced in Shimano’s own factory. The Blue Romance AX blanks all feature Hi-Power X construction, which totally eliminates rod twist and results in a much stronger and lighter blank. They are also equipped with a CI4+ reel seat and comfortable grip. Fuji stainless K series alconite guides compliment the blank, thus keeping the rods very light. The range includes models for both inshore and estuary spinning. The rods are fast tapered, sensitive and have a strong backbone to give the angler perfect control over the lure and also provide enough power to handle a heavyweight opponent. There are 10 models in the range, all covered by a 12 month warranty.


Shimano Tiger Baku Baku

The Tiger Baku Baku is a Japanese-designed Kabura Jig with 3D holographic eyes, enhanced colour combinations and specialist silicon skirts. Safe to say they will be hard for a large range of fish species to resist!

The Baku Baku design utilises a low centre of gravity head shape that creates a resonance when moving through the water. Its shape also produces a complex flow of water behind the head, which in turn creates a unique fish-attracting action from the silicon skirts.


• Japanese designed

• Available in 6 colours

• Unique falling action

• Chemically-sharpened assist hooks

• 60-120g weights with specifications applicable to Oceania market

JM GILLIES – 3 products

Plano Edge

Winner of the Best Tackle Management at 2019 AFTA Awards, from the creators of the best-selling tackle box in the world comes EDGE, a revolutionary line of tackle boxes that brings a new edge to tackle storage. Offering both general-purpose utility tackle boxes as well as lure-specific storage solutions, the EDGE series has been thoughtfully engineered down to the last detail and re-imagined from the ground up.

Over two years in the making and countless hours of research have led to this new tackle storage system. Each EDGE feature is part of a well-thought-out system that ultimately keeps water out, prevents rust and organizes like no other tackle box ever has. And with 10 boxes in the EDGE series, offering both general purpose and specialised storage that all fit into the current Plano sizing system, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

A quick glance shows these tackle boxes are different. Look closer and you’ll find they’re not only different; they’re better in every way possible.

Edge Exterior

The sleek, modern look of the EDGE series may be the first thing that grabs your attention, but its exclusive Rustrictor™ coating, Dri-Loc™ seal and one-handed latch design will ensure you never use anything else. Other features such as a crystal-clear lid, heavy-duty steel hinge pins and durable ribbed base all ensure your tackle will last longer, stay dry and be more easily accessible, making your angling days more enjoyable than they’ve ever been before.

Edge Interior

Keep your jigs dry, your crankbaits untangled, your lures rust-free and your extras all organised in the easy-to-customise EDGE tackle boxes. Thoughtful interior features take tackle organisation to a whole new level. New adjustable, pre-cut dividers offer 100% customisation, keep contents immobile and improve airflow, while Water Wick™ dividers absorb moisture and an EZ Label™ system allows you to easily mark your contents.

Gillies BlueWater Stickbaits

The Floating and Sinking Stickbaits from the JM Gillies Bluewater stable are built tough to take on the most ferocious predators when targeting Bluewater species such as GTs, Tuna and Tarpon etc. The Stickbait is handmade and handcrafted using a super clear resin and features a heavy-duty wire through construction.

The sinking model is available in four colours: Abalone Blue, Abalone Gold, Abalone Purple and Red Head, are 180mm in length and weigh 98g. The floating model is available in three colours: Abalone Blue, Abalone Gold and Abalone Black are the same length as the sinking model but only weigh 74g.

Rhinoflex A5 Cut Gloves (with Gorilla Grip)

Winner of the Best Clothing Accessory at the 2019 AFTA Awards, Rhinoflex A5 Cut Gloves with patented Gorilla Grip provide a secure grip and level 5-rated industrial cut protection making them an ideal companion while on the boat or in the tackle box. The Rhinoflex glove is highly-breathable and fits like a second skin allowing natural movement and dexterity which will prevent accidental injuries when landing a thrashing fish or at the filleting table. Rhinoflex tough-but-flexible polymer shell delivers maximum impact and abrasion protection while Gorilla Grip’s proprietary polymer technology on the palm pulls moisture away from the surface and provides maximum grip in wet and oily conditions. The patented technology draws moisture to the surface of the glove where it quickly evaporates, or is transferred back to the inner layers of the glove. This aids in providing maximum grip during both wet and dry applications. The Rhinoflex Glove won the Best Clothing Accessory award at the Australian Fishing Tackle Awards show in 2019.


TT Lures Big EyeZ Jigheads

TT Lures has again answered the requests of Aussie anglers with the release of the Big EyeZ series of jigheads. Many anglers consider the eye of the baitfish to be a strike trigger to predators and the eye on the Big EyeZ makes for a big trigger!

Features of this series include a realistic sculptured fish head profile and bulging 3D eyes, along with the proven ‘head lock’ grub keeper system to make rigging easy and to lock your soft plastic in place, including ZMan 10X Tough ElaZtech plastics. Big EyeZ are built on Mustad black nickel, chemically-sharpened hooks for that perfect combination of hook penetration and brutal stopping power.

Available in a variety of colours to compliment your favourite soft plastics and match the hatch, Big EyeZ continue TT Lures tradition of manufacturing quality, innovative jigheads for anglers worldwide.

Available in 1/4oz 3/0, 3/8oz 3/0, 3/8oz 5/0, 1/2oz 5/0, 3/4oz 7/0 and 1oz 7/0 in 5 colours (Black/Glow Eye, Chartreuse/Red Eye, Pink/Silver Eye, Silver Black/Glow Eye and Pearl Blue/Silver Eye), with 3 per pack and a SRP of $11.95 (1oz - $12.95).

ZMan 7” DieZel MinnowZ

Requests from anglers chasing a big 10X Tough swimbait have seen the release of the ZMan 7” DieZel MinnowZ, a beast of a paddle tail plastic. Featuring the same realistic and proven profile and action as the 4” and 5” models, the 7” takes things up a notch in terms of bulk, water movement and big fish attracting qualities.

Whether your chasing barramundi, Murray cod, mulloway or kingfish, searching the depths or slow trolling for bluewater bruisers, the 7” DieZel MinnowZ has you covered, teamed up with a brutally strong TT Lures HeadlockZ Extreme, SwimlockZ or ChinlockZ jighead.

Other features include a belly slot for easy rigging and adding scent, along with a split top fin for simple and effective weedless rigging. The increased softness and flexibility of ZMan’s 10X Tough ElaZtech material dramatically improves hook set when weedless rigging when compared with standard soft plastics.

If big fish are on your things to do list, check out these mega paddle tails at your local ZMan dealer. Fish on!

Available in 12 colours, with 3 per pack and a SRP of $17.95.

Wilson – 2 products

ATC Virtuous Spin Reel

New to the ATC range of spin reels is the Virtuous – a series of reels that combine a host of features to make them tough, dependable and affordable.

An aluminium body and rotor ensure that the reels in the Virtuous range are built to last, while the 9 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings give these reels a smooth feel. Add into this an ergonomic handle backed up by a brilliant and exceptionally smooth dual drag system for the ultimate in comfort and performance when fighting large fish.

The drag system is built to provide two surfaces, both on top and underneath the spool, allowing for ultra-fine adjustments and outstanding smoothness. The dual drag system also means that, when you need to wind up the drag, it has the ability to provide some real stopping power.

Sizes range from the 2000 light line special all the way up to a 10000 that swallows almost 500m of PE4 line and has a max drag of 20kg!

Zerek Weedless Fish Trap

The Weedless Fish Trap is a brilliant adaptation of the successful Fish Trap!

This lure features all the same swimming characteristics as the Fish Trap but has been uniquely designed for a weedless presentation.

The features include a replaceable single worm hook that is positioned point down to provide exceptional hooking in the bottom jaw and a built-in hook trap to keep the worm hook in place while fishing. Innovative slits expose the hook point when fish strike and crush down on the Fish Trap. Zerek Weedless Fish Traps are constructed from tough TPE material that gives strength and movement to the lure!

What does that mean to the average angler? It means you can fish this lure in exactly the same places and in exactly the same way as you fish your existing Fish Traps. But now you can now also explore the most snag-ridden places without worrying about snagging and losing your lure.

The weedless Fish Trap will only be available in the 95mm size initially, in 13 popular colours.

STARLO’S E-BOOKS is Steve and Jo Starling’s website platform, and the gateway to their exclusive, members-only “Inner Circle” fishing club. Members of the Inner Circle enjoy a constantly growing library of articles, e-books, videos, reviews and regional guides, as well as having direct access to Starlo. But now, non-members can also obtain a few hand-picked gems from this vast treasure trove of priceless fishing knowledge.

For the first time, Fishotopia is offering three of Starlo’s amazing e-books for sale at very reasonable prices. This trio of detailed electronic publications focus on lure fishing for three popular species: mulloway, dusky flathead and golden perch. More titles are also on their way soon.

Each of these e-books is highly detailed and information packed, and several contain embedded video clips to further clarify the how-to training process. They represent incredible value for money. Check them out by scanning the QR code hereabouts, or going to

Of course, you could also join the Inner Circle for less than 15 cents a day and get all this plus so much more at no extra cost! To do so, simply go to and click the “Join” tab.

REIDY’S LURES – 1 Product

Fish Snakz Vibes – Continue to impress

Reidys soft Fish Snakz vibes are super tough. They come with heavy-duty through wire, heavy-duty hooks and rings and represent excellent value. Reidy’s fish Snackz vibes continue to feature in NAFA’s tackle box and have proved themselves over the past 12 months on a wide range of predatory species. The vibe pictured has had the rear treble removed to aid catch and release, without any detriment to its hook-up performance.

Fish Snakz Vibes are available in four sizes: 65mm 12g, 95mm 20g, 110mm 32g and the new 150mm 62g model. They are great cast-and-retrieve vibes, while the 150mm model can also be trolled at pace. They won’t melt in your tackle box either.


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