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Good Gear: REIDY’S BIG ASS B52 200

Following the success of the Big Ass B52, Reidy’s decided to produce a larger version known as the 200 due to the size being 200mm.

The new version has the same characteristics as the original B52 lure but can be trolled at greater speeds making it a versatile model that can be used for catching large barra, tuna, mackerel, jewfish and many other sportfish.

Whilst trolling is the recommended method of use, it can also be cast and retrieved.

The Big Ass 200 is quite comfortable being trolled slowly or with fine tuning can be trolled at speeds up to 8 knots when fast trolling the big tidal rivers for maxi runoff barra or chasing those big pelagic species. The lure can reach depths down to 3m whilst being trolled and, as with the entire B52 range, constant rod twitching will impart action into the lure mimicking scared, fleeing or injured baitfish.

The Big Ass B52 200 was recently credited with the biggest barra of this year’s NT Barra Classic: a 116cm barra caught on the 008 colour by angler Josh Pucci from Team Pucci. Josh’s team mate and Dad Ernest also caught a metre-plus barra on the Big Ass 200 in the same 008 colour. This follows on from last year’s Classic where the biggest Barra (119cm) was caught by Murray Crowe on a Reidys Big Ass B52.


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