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GOOD GEAR: Zerek Fish Trap

The Zerek Fish Trap is a soft lipless crankbait unlike any other on the market: it has a single curl tail at the back!

Available in 65, 95 and 110mm, the Zerek Fish Trap’s tail undulates at the slightest of movement, giving off visual and acoustic cues to resident fish. Even when the lure is sitting on the bottom, the slightest current will have the tail pulsating and wriggling. On the lift and drop, the tail simulates a baitfish’s tail as it swims through the water.

Built from virtually-indestructible TPE plastic, the Fish Trap has been designed to take on the toughest of fish with the use of extra-strong split rings combined with Mustad 4x Saltism trebles. A through wire connecting all tow points is moulded into the lead-head weight leaving no doubt this lure is tough. Working with a strong vibration, the Fish Trap can be cast and retrieved in any depth or trolled for a unique presentation that shallow rock-bar and weed-bed fish just love!

There are 15 colours in the range including UV accents and highlights that cover dirty-water and clear-water options, saltwater and freshwater options, natural baitfish patterns, attractor colours and some ultra-realistic colours designed by Wilson Fishing’s staff to meet Australian demands.


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