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Honda recently released an Outboard Marine Engine range that is engineered to perform.

Completely redesigned and redeveloped, the all-new BF115, BF135 and BF150 offer VTEC™* and PGM-FI technology for rapid acceleration and outstanding performance. This joins an ECOmo system for greater fuel efficiency and Honda iST technology that delivers precise engine response.

A reimagined ‘dynamic motion’ design

With key features taken from Honda’s flagship V6 range, this reimagined large outboard engine range offers a balance of performance and economy in an exterior shaped to evoke Honda’s iconic heritage.

The sharp and sophisticated silhouette is the result of Honda’s ‘dynamic motion’ design. Dramatically evolved from previous models, the progressive forward-wedge has slick functional styling and a high-quality finish.

Intelligent Shift and Throttle® technology

The main technological advancement in 2021 was the addition of iST®, Honda’s Intelligent Shift and Throttle® (Drive by Wire) technology. Adopted from Honda’s V6 series, this feature enables precise electronic engine response, thus allowing owners to control multiple engines with a single lever and ensuring comfortable, easy operation for pleasurable, straightforward, and stress-free boating.

All three Honda Marine outboard motors feature multiple rigging options for a customised on-the-water experience; choices include both Intelligent Shift and Throttle (iST®) and mechanical control options.

A balance of performance and economy

Honda’s iST® system joins a long list of renowned features that make this an undeniably impressive option for owners of speedboats and larger vessels.

VTEC™* optimises engine performance throughout the entire rpm range. Honda BLAST™ technology, with PGM-FI electronic fuel injection, delivers instant acceleration to an optimum cruising speed, all while ensuring fuel efficiency; whilst Honda’s Outboard Alert system allows for safer cruising.

In addition to the superior fuel efficiency, reliability, and durability that Honda has become well-known for, this range is built with new components to simplify maintenance and reduce running costs.

A continued commitment to efficiency

Efficiency is further enhanced by Honda’s unique ECOmo system which cleverly adjusts the fuel-to-air ratio to optimise fuel economy. This improves fuel consumption while cruising and maximises efficiency to reduce the impact on the environment.

Engineered to perform

As Honda continues to strengthen and enhance the Outboard Marine line-up, it remains committed to utilising unique technologies to address environmental issues and give customers the best possible experience on the water.

This commitment is confirmed by the BF115, BF135 and BF150.The Honda BF115-150 range arrived in Australia in 2022.

* Only available on BF150 model


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